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  1. Halloween Props
    This year's theme is Medieval/Castle/vikings. I am thinking a turret castle with a drawbridge for my entrance. I have a big old barn where I hold my party and build the appropriate theme entrance where guest walk in. Does anyone have pictures of things they have done for inspiration? My height...
  2. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Film strip picture frame My version of a film strip picture frame… I saw this somewhere on the internet and will go great with this year haunt house….i am not the original designer of this only saw a picture and decided to do one for me… so here goes… Everything I used I found at work, so...
  3. General Halloween
    Nevermind Please delete =)
  4. Halloween Props
    I really like the witch silhouette. but the placement of the on/off switch was poorly conceived. you have to take it down to turn it on and off. So I 3d printed a post the height of the legs used to rest against the wall. (Minus the height of my push button switch) cut off the momentary ""try...
  5. Halloween Props
    I measured perfectly but forgot the height of the Rod End and Clevis Mounts : - ( http://www.snydercentral.com/halloween/props/coffinman/2016Coffin.htm
  6. Wanted to Buy
    anyone selling this?? EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SELLING..if you have it.. can you tell me dimensions of the original box(length, width and height) thanks
  7. Halloween Costume Ideas
    Hi All! Just joined and I gotta say, I love, love, love this site! So much support and positive feedback and passion for Halloween not to mention raw talent out there. I thought I'd share my costume from last year as my first post. You can tell from my admirer the majority of the age range of my...
1-7 of 7 Results