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  1. Is my Antari SP-35A pump missing check valve?

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    Hello All, Not sure if this is the right place to post, but seemed to fit best. I've picked up an Antari ICE 100 low ground fog machine and the pump works, but is the devil to get primed and once it does, it doesn't look like it has the flow it should. I've completely cleaned the heater block...
  2. Fog: Fog machine wiring diagram

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    Hello, I'm trying to build a new trigger (timer and/or motion detector) for my small fog machine (110vac). It initially had a wireless trigger device which plugged into a 3-conductor connector at the rear of the machine. The device has failed. I've been looking at the schematic for a while...
  3. Fog: Chauvet Blinking Blue Light of Death

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    Ok someone here has to have had this problem with the POS Chauvets. I have a 1200 that puts out fog (dense fog for like 6-7 seconds) then blinks blue for 1 min then does same thing I know it is reading the tank as empty, its full Already cleaned with fluid twice Power cycled several times...
  4. Fog: At Wits End.

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    Grrr ... I'm about to kick my Chauvet 1050 to the curb. The dreaded clogged heater block. The original problem was it ran dry on the very first use. YEAH. Ecch, what a mess. So I replaced my pump, now retired, with an Antari SP-35a, a superior pump. At first I was worried that it was a...
  5. Pneumatic: Chauvet 1300 Huricane will not work continuous

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    Good day all, I am new to this kinda stuff and went out and bought a Chauvet 1300 Hurricane smoke machine. Reading the web I notice alot of trouble with the timer, first thing I tested. Works fine :D But now I want to make a sizeable chiller (race car turbo intercooler :rolleyes:) and cover my...