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  1. Other: Can you tell me about heat guns & Halloween how-to's?

    Halloween Props
    Hello! I've been wanting a heat gun for a while now, after seeing some cool potential projects they can be used for. Last year I tried to borrow one, but my brother-in-law flaked & never found his for me. I just got a mid-level one for my birthday and am excited to try it out. I plan to try...
  2. Static: Can you use the StiltBeast corpsing technique on paper skeletons?

    Halloween Props
    I have very little experience with prop building, but I have created a newspaper skeleton (SpookyBlue style, but using cans for the sternum instead of a pool noodle). Alan from StiltBeast Studios uses a widely known technique for corpsing, where you wrap the skelly in plastic, then...
  3. Skeletal Hands and Arms for the Hellmouth

    You're having a good time when you have all your tools out for a project. I'm trying to find a simple way to make skeletal arms/hands for use in my Hellmouth grate for the front garden. I want to design this project so that – 1) each hand can be created quickly and easily (an hour, not days)...
  4. Other: Hot knife foam carving tool from Harbor Freight

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone used this "heavy duty" hot knife from Harbor Freight? http://www.harborfreight.com/130-watt-heavy-duty-hot-knife-60313.html It looks like a heavy duty tool, but designed more for cutting nylon rope. Has anyone been able to use this for foam carving as well? I have experimented...
  5. Other: Question about heat gun types

    Halloween Props
    Lil GHouliet and I are trying to get several of our props from our list of to do's finished before Halloween. We started talking about a fence and I bought some finials for it. The 1/2 in PVC is slightly larger than the opening of the finials, and I read here a heat gun would allow the...