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  1. Headless horseman..

    Halloween Props
    Was thinking about using this prop to build the Headless Horseman...
  2. Static: I have a headless horseman. . .

    Halloween Props
    now all I need is a horse. . .any suggestions?
  3. CVS going to 90% off tomorrow, Thursday

    General Halloween
    Hey all, I went to CVS today and scored A TON of stuff at 75% off. A headless horseman for $20...whaaat???? I bought so many many things (and they have the tiniest carts, lol). I spent a total of $102!!! SO, I came home and called another CVS near me tonight and asked if they have headless...
  4. Static: Headless Oscilatting Fan

    Halloween Props
    A few weeks back a neighbor left an oscillating fan on the curb. Well, after a period of deep thought, I soon realized that it was my Halloween forum civic duty to grab it. I cleaned it a little bit and plugged the fan in the nearest electrical outlet and to my surprise it worked. Hmmmm, what...
  5. Static: CVS headless horseman , going to his grave

    Halloween Props
    very rough idea of what I have in mind . Coffin needs lined and finished and headless needs more grooming and some detailing but....
  6. Why has no one made a full size black horse?

    Halloween Props
    With the Headless horseman popularity increasing, and dark horses being something that can be incorporated into other Halloween displays...why hasn't anyone made a black horse? Even a full size inflatable would be cool! My headless horseman needs a horse dang it! Any ideas on how to make one...
  7. Got my CVS Headless Horseman!

    General Halloween
    Haven't set him up yet, but I'm very pleased with myself :)
  8. Review: CVS Headless Horseman

    General Halloween
    After finding a 25% off CVS coupon in the mail, I called my local CVS to see if they had the headless horseman. I've been hearing so much internet buzz about him. Even without the coupon, after seeing a video on youtube I had to get him. CVS said they had one and I told them I'd be right...
  9. CVS Headless Horseman Review

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