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headless horseman

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    I have the super rare headless horseman for sale $400 For pickup only. I live in Dayton OH Tammy
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    PIcs of the check-in desk for the Sleepy Hollow Inn
  3. Headless Horseman 2015

    Headless Horseman 2015

    I had just moved across country and finally had a yard! This was my first big Halloween decorating! Why not celebrate it by making a giant headless horseman? Sadly it's been 4 years so I misplaced a lot of pictures. I made him out of pvc pipe, egg cartons, pillows, and duct tape. He was over 6'...
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    After posting last night in the Home Dept thread about what I have on order, I had a few request to post some pictures. Granted, none of the items have arrived yet, but here is last years Haunt. I hesitate to post, as you guys are on the extreme level with a lot of you are making your own...
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    This year, I'm wanting to make one big prop for our front yard... year after year, I love the headless horseman (mostly because I've always loved horses). I found this on youtube but no instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsWFvizUSsA I don't need to make it animated... but can...
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    I'm still working on some final touches but I was able to build this guy in a few hours using materials I already had. I'm going to use him in my haunt display at a ranch where I board my horses with a life-size skeleton horse I just received yesterday. I think they will fit right in.
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    Did anyone buy it? It finally reared it's head after 8 years and it was way out of my $$$ range! $599 PLUS $140 S&H???! If you bought it, what company makes it? Contact info for the company? Please share!
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    27 Days Till Halloween 10/04/2013 Murray Hill Records The Great Radio Horror Shows! (1975) This 3 LP set has six old-time radio shows from various sources … Weird Circle, Inner Sanctum, Mystery House, and Mercury Theatre. I’m a fan of OTR … especially Lights Out … and these are a good listen...
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    My favorite Halloween folk tale......... Here are a few video clips.....