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  1. Static: Made a hayride cart, pretty easy prop

    Halloween Props
    We made a hayride cart to go behind our corpse skeleton horse (home D). We used a small table that the legs go down short. Cut a thin piece of wood about the same size as the table, (thin, like the kind from wood crates, not plywood) then made a lip on the 2 long sides to fit over the table...
  2. Hello! Thanks for adding me!!!!

    Member Introduction
    Thanks for adding me! I'm turning my 100 acres of land into a haunted hayride and haunted hike for all my nieces and nephews and their friends.....I can't wait to see what good ideas y'all have!
  3. Howdy From Texas

    Member Introduction
    I'm a city girl from Iowa who moved to Texas, fell in love with a cowboy and rode off into the sunset - learning to live the country life while raising two boys. I'm excited to learn from other Halloween fans on how to make our annual Halloween Party bigger and better every year - particularly...
  4. Anybody Ever Been To...

    General Halloween
    The Canfield Scaregrounds in Canfield, Ohio? http://www.bloodmoonfarm.com/ I'll be working 30 minutes from there in early October and wondered if it's worth trying to see it after work. That means traveling farther from home and catching the turnpike for an hour afterwards which is fine if it's...
  5. NJ/PA Haunt Actors/Makeup-artistst/ Prop makers WANTED!

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    Hi, I'm helping out a local haunted hayride, Schaefer FarmsI work at They are looking for scare actors, make up artists and prop makers! Here is a flyer for one of the job sign up meetings! If the image is too small the next meeting is on September 4th at 5:30 PM at Schaefer farms at the...
  6. Parking & Hayride / Travel Suggestions

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So, my husband and I are working hard at plans for our haunt/party and our driveway is only big enough for 4 vehicles comfortably, 6 if you park them REAL close. We have a church down the street one way and a mom and pop gas station the other way. We planned on asking both to use their...
  7. Other: Haunted hayride

    Halloween Props
    We are going to do a Haunted Hayride this year and are looking for some ideas on what to do? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Trying to plan a haunted hayride

    Member Introduction
    Hi, My husband and I have a Christmas tree farm. We also grow pumpkins in the fall. We would like to do a haunted hayride this year and would appreciate any help you can offer. We are retired from the real world and just farm now and love it. Of course we work harder now than we ever did on...
  9. Other: How to make a baby carriage shake- help please!

    Halloween Props
    I just acquired an old-fashioned baby carriage, and I would like to use it on my haunted hayride. I am thinking of glow sticks inside to give it an eerie glow, and playing sounds of weird distorted baby crying. I'd like to have it shake at some point, suggesting there is something violent and...
  10. Numerous Injured at Haunted Hayride

    General Halloween
    Numerous people were hurt at a haunted hayride in Mechanics Falls Maine. Needless to say accidents do happen. Whether you are a home haunter or a commercial operation these things can happen. Lets all learn and be diligent with safety in mind. Here is the link...
  11. In a great mood after going to a Haunted Hayride/Maze!

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I went to a new haunted hayride and maze in the area. It was so awesome. I haven't been able to go to something like this in a few years, and I forgot how much I love being scared. The thing was, with this hayride, the monsters were allowed to touch you. And they did. A lot. On the hayride, I...
  12. Other: House of 1000 corpses theme. HELP!

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, so im putting together a short scene of Dr. Satins lab from "House of 1000 Corpses" for a haunted hayride and i need a dummy on the operating table to disect. Anybody have any ideas as to what i should use as a dummy and where i would get it? Also where do i get a drill as loud as...
  13. Fair price to rent land for haunted hayride?

    General Halloween
    We are in mid-missouri, have the opportunity to lease 60 acres for a haunted hayride that has 16x20 building for concessions and gift shop. Does anyone have advice how the lease amount should be set up.. ie: just for the 2 months we will be there or certain percentage of our sales and...
  14. Review of the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Gradyville, PA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Following is a link to my review of the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Gradyville, PA. The attraction, rebuilt from the ground up for 2008, has three haunts: a corn maze, haunted hayride and The Bates Motel. Review: Halloween Happenings: The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride - Associated Content