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  1. Static: Using natural tree branch for scarecrow pole

    Halloween Props
    If I were to make a scarecrow and choose to use a thick branch (e.g. 1.5") for the vertical pole of the cross, any tips on getting scarecrow to stand? I had the idea of inserting the branch into a couple foot section of 2" PVC. Then I would either build a base for the PVC (concrete block or...
  2. Festive Autumn/ Pre-Halloween Outdoor Decorating

    General Halloween
    Has anyone else started on their autumn pre-halloween outdoor decorating? Every year I enjoy getting my house ready with festive autumn planters, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows and more. I still need to add some lights, garland and wreath, that will be this weeks project. I'd love...
  3. Hi everyone, looking for ideas for our neighboorhood haunted hay ride

    Member Introduction
    When our kids were young, we did a neighborhood Halloween party featuring a haunted hay ride in the woods behind our houses. It was very cool but alot of work with generators, wiring, lights, etc. I plan on restarting the party but will host this one, the hay ride will be next door with a...
  4. Mechanical: How do you disassemble the Sitting Scarecrow and Hay Bale Poppers from Spirit?

    Halloween Props
    I can't seem to figure out how to take apart the main pipe in the Sitting Scarecrow from Spirit Halloween. Is there any way to detach it from the head and hips sections? What about removing the front part of the Jackolantern on the Hay Bale Popper? Seems like they're either stuck there, or I...
  5. My proposed "Mr. Halloween" costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    So this year I thought of making a mascot if you will, that I can be every year. I want to set up a picture taking area in my front yard with hay bails and decorations. I am in the process of trying to find a Jack o lantern head piece to start off with. I figure I can make a decoration piece...
  6. Selling lighted pumpkins and faux hay bale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hi all! All items are in new condition and I am happy to post more photos if requested. First up is a set of orange and green lighted tabletop pumpkin decorations that are battery operated. They're a cutesy look so great for younger kids. Please see photos showing messy seam. They came like...
  7. Happy Halloween from Connecticut

    Member Introduction
    New Halloweener here living in Norwalk, CT. We moved into our house in 2014 and have been adding a little each year; inflatable, skeleton and gravestone props, led lights... this past halloween we used projector effects from atmosfx. Next year thinking of adding a 'walk through' element...
  8. ODDS and ENTRAILS - Photos from this year prop builds

    General Halloween
    do not disturb hay girl my pretties some assembly required waiting ENJOY !!!
  9. Animated Skeleton prop - "Chomper Skeleton" - DC Props

    For Sale By Merchants
    We have an animated "Chomper" skeleton that we brought back from Transworld. Prop is available immediately, and is completely plug and play. Includes welded 24" x 24" x 36" steel framed wooden enclosure (covered in faux hay, but hay and wood can be easily removed), Animated multi axis chomping...
  10. Boo! Sinister from Tulsa okla. formerly warpaint

    Member Introduction
    Hey glad to be back. I got the Halloween fever . I live in the country now so not to many TOT but that is not going to stop me. I do have one little problem. There is a church next door. And they dont care to much for Halloween . Last year i did a pumpkin monster in a pumpkin patch. Carved every...
  11. Halloween! Halloween! Hallo-there!

    Member Introduction
    Hi! My name is Daphne, I live in Georgia (USA), and I LOVE Halloween! :) I love everything about it.....pumpkins, cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes, brightly colored leaves, the smell of wood burning (especially at the local BBQ restaurant...lol), trick-or-treaters, Halloween decorations...
  12. Atmosphere Effects: Serial Killer Farm help

    Halloween Props
    So, my theme this year is going to be the serial killer farm people. I am going to build at least 3 scarecrows (one cross without a scarecrow so I can prop myself up there and jump out), fire pit, I am going to try cornstalks, and hay piles. I need more ideas to help with this theme. I will...
  13. Fake Hay Bale Tutorial

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Tool List Saw Speed Square Power drill with #2 phillips bit Staple gun with 5/16" and 3/8" staples Heavy duty scissors Material List (for 1 hay bale) 8 - 2"x2"x42" square pressure treated deck balusters 16 - 0.625-in x 1.5-in Zinc-Plated Flat Braces 1 roll - 3' x 25' plastic poultry fencing (or...
  14. Prop Showcase: Fake Hay Bales

    Halloween Props
    Built three fake hay bales for my Halloween display this year. Pretty simple, only took about 90 minutes per bale to make from start to finish. Also made them so during the off season I can store all of my Fun-Kins in them. One of the three has a small platform and a couple of holes drilled...