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  1. Haunt X Halloween show at the Fairplex in Pomona Feb 23/4

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    I was online and saw an ad for a show called Haunt X next month. It's at the Fairplex in Pomona, which is in outside of L.A. They bill themselves as "HauntX is a haunter’s retreat and trade show for Halloween lovers, yard haunter’s, home haunter’s, and pro haunter’s." Does anyone know anything...
  2. 2016 HauntX?

    Is there going to be a HauntX in 2016?
  3. Is ANYONE going to HauntX?

    It's approaching fast and don't see much about it. Anyone here going?
  4. Froggys Fog 20% and free ship through 4/23 for HauntX attendees

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    Ye Be Warned, This code is meant for hauntx attendees only, and the email said you had to pick up your order at hauntx. That said; I ordered and I have received a ship confirmation for fedEx ground. I do not believe they would make people pickup orders at the show.... for one they would have...
  5. HauntX 2015 Information

    Hi, Here's an update about the 2015 HauntX show. Dates: April 30 - May 3rd 2015 Circus Circus Reno Convention Reno Nevada www.HauntX.com Schedule: Thursday April 30th -Preshow All-Day Professional Quality Seminars --- Do It Yourself Animatronics For The Home Haunter - Taught by Halstaff ---...
  6. HauntX help please

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    I signed up and paid for a friend and I to go to HauntX. That friend can no longer go, so I sent an email to HauntX asking them to change the name (my other friend wants to go) and did not receive a response. I emailed again 2 or 3 weeks later and still have not received a response. Any ideas...
  7. HauntX Trade Show is back! May 9-11 2014 - Reno

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    The HauntX Haunter's retreat and tradeshow is back from the dead and better than ever! HauntX is a haunter’s retreat for Halloween lovers, pro haunters, and home haunters. Join us May 9th for a Halloween trade show that is a little bit different… Education, tradeshow, friends, and fun. Venue...