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  1. How would you start a neighborhood haunt?

    General Halloween
    I've got this silly pipedream of eventually having an incredible haunted house of my own once I get a proper house for it. So-- where do you even start? How do you attract people to the haunt? How do you put monetary gain/staff into it? Any tips? Let's just start an idea pile. So - I...
  2. Linda Blair Is Looking For Yard Haunts Across America To Get Involved ! Please Help!

    Member Introduction
    ​JOIN THE HAUNTS AGAINST HUNGER MOVEMENT AND HELP SCARE AWAY HUNGER! We are celebrating 4 years of helping "scare away hunger!" It takes special kinds of people to go to the extent some of us do to decorate our homes and to run haunt attractions and special events in our communities. It takes...
  3. Other: Yard haunt help?

    Halloween Props
    This is my first yard haunt. I'm trying to do it on a budget because I spent so much on props and things the last few years. Maybe under 100? I'm saving up for a katy perry concert so any props that are really scary but cheap to make? I also need ideas on how to set up the haunted house. My...
  4. Build Your Own Nightmare Contest

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    Hello fellow haunters! We are running a contest in Illinois where we are giving away $475 to the top 3 rooms based on fan voting. If you live near Joliet/Wilmington, IL and you love designing cool stuff and would like to have your own room at our haunted house, please see this video for info...
  5. Another Blog? Oh my!

    Well this is nifty. I was unaware that the Forum had a blog function! :D Well if you liked our Haunted House pictures...we have more on Facebook! Check us out just type in "Janna & Laney's Annual Haunted House" and we will be the first link! If you like Halloween blogs I just started one at...
  6. ThinkHalloween.com seeks your haunt pics for display

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    Hi Everyone, I'm doing my annual "31 Days of Halloween" on my blog http://thinkhalloween.com/blog.html and would love to feature pictures of some of your haunts. Please send me a picture with a small description and I will post it to my blog. Its a good way to share your haunt and expose each...
  7. ScareTOUR in the UK

    This is a great group for meeting like minded UK people and getting to visit loads of UK Scare attractions and other spooky related events. I've met loads of fantastic new friends from there... I am looking forward to a busy October visiting places with them all!! YAY!! There's a mixed batch...
  8. Haunters Video Awards Deadline is Around the COrner!

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    I wanted to remind everyone to submit their videos for the Haunters Video Awards. The deadline is January 31st. I had a few people tell me their haunts weren't "good enough" to submit, but I am here to tell you, it's not about just that! It's about the amazing collection of videos we haunters...
  9. Knott's Scary Farm 2009 Photos

    General Halloween
    I always go to Halloween Haunt, and love it every year. Their budget may be down from someplace like Universal, but the actors always give it 110 percent and I love Ghost Town and a few of the mazes are my hands-down favorites anywhere. Here's some photos, I look forward to doing some tripod...
  10. 20% off mystery party games!

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Exclusively for those posting (and lurking) around the forum , Shot In The Dark Mysteries is offering Halloween Forum users, new and old, a 20% discount on any and all of our instant-download, do-it-yourself mystery party games! Murder or family-friendly all ages mystery parties are yours for...
  11. Hello everybody

    Member Introduction
    Hello everybody Im 1976showtime and wanted to say Hi. Iam new and hope Iam doing this right, Halloween is not to far off and I wanted to get some ideas for some easy halloween how tos. Thanks!!!
  12. Review of the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Gradyville, PA

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Following is a link to my review of the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in Gradyville, PA. The attraction, rebuilt from the ground up for 2008, has three haunts: a corn maze, haunted hayride and The Bates Motel. Review: Halloween Happenings: The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride - Associated Content
  13. Has anyone in CO been to any haunts yet?

    General Halloween
    What is good or bad
  14. New ReDCroW Design music CD and Store!

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    Hello everybody! I'm glad to present you our NEW STORE! ReDCroW design  -  Online Store and also our NEW MUSIC CD! Postmortem Imprint oh and extra goodies in the 'xtras' section I hope you guys will like it, feel free to send your comments and reviews about it :D *Alex*