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  1. Time to say goodbye.

    General Halloween
    As that title says the time has come that i need to say goodbye to the haunt.. With a bitter sweet note this year, I have planned on taking time away from haunting to focus on career goals. Over the past several years during the late middle school and high school years I spent time haunting and...
  2. Have a Merry Christmas and a Haunting New Year

    General Halloween
  3. I want one...I SO want one...

    General Halloween
    1:12, Definitely on my haunting 'bucket list'.
  4. YouTube?

    General Halloween
    Ok, i think this would be good for anyone to learn haunting tips our to be inspired with ideas. A perfect place for members who are just starting out haunting. Everyone that has a haunt YouTube channel list it here on this thread. Mine will be coming soon.
  5. Help me write a story on haunters?

    Literature and Role-Playing
    (I also posted this in off-topic, but it's also writing and I need to get the word out, so.. here I am!) Hello, fellow haunters! I'm a senior journalism student at SFSU and I'm doing a longform story on haunters for my magazine writing class. It's our longest piece of the year, so I'm gonna...
  6. Wanna be in an article about haunters?

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Hello, fellow haunters! I'm a senior journalism student at SFSU and I'm doing a longform story on haunters for my magazine writing class. It's our longest piece of the year, so I'm gonna need quite a few voices. This will NOT be published. The story will be between me, you, and the professor...
  7. Home Haunting For Mere Mortals Book??

    General Halloween
    Has anyone purchased this book. Looks cool. http://http://www.hayeshaunt.com/thebook/
  8. Prop Showcase: Halloween Party Greeter

    Halloween Props
    Still need to fine tune the jaw movement, but it's just about there! HAPPY HAUNTING!!
  9. Good Evening

    Member Introduction
    Rising from my coffin! It's been a while since I last posted. Yay! Halloween season is here. Wishing you all a Spooktacular Halloween. Happy Haunting ;)
  10. Electronic/Software: 1 axis barking skeleton dog.

    Halloween Props
    very easy modification if you have a couple servos... Hi, Do not know if I should add a set of LED eyes or not. happy haunting. Fletch
  11. Happy haunting From Connecticut

    Member Introduction
    Greetings and salutations
  12. 2014 Halloween Tree and Village

    General Halloween
    Thought I would share the first potion of the haunting seasons decorations
  13. Hi Everyone!

    Member Introduction
    Hi from Iowa! I have always loved Halloween and enjoy getting stuff ready almost two months early. I am looking to chat and bounce ideas off people. Well, happy haunting everyone!
  14. What got you started in haunting

    General Halloween
    I want to know how everyone had got started in either have halloween partys or doing a haunt i love to hear everyones story. For me i got started haunting because when i was younger my ather would decorate the house with a few things and then we would go trick or treating once i got older i...
  15. Has Being A Haunter Affected Your Career?

    General Halloween
    Every Halloween I get asked the same questions over and over: "Do you do this for a living?" or "Why aren't you working for the (fill in the blank) company?" (my answer's always politely "no" and "because I'm too old & don't have a college degree") But It got me a little curious. Does your job...
  16. HALLOWEEN party music and underscore

    Halloween Music
    My company has just released a 33-track album of Halloween music, sounds and underscore. The album is available on iTunes, so if you need Halloween-themed music just click the link below! Click Here:cool:
  17. Static: How to make two scarecrows more grittier?

    Halloween Props
    I was at a yard sale yesterday and found some new props for my haunt this year that need some improving. They are two scarecrows made of corn husks and burlap. Definitely lots of potential. The only problem is they are more happy than haunting. I need to add a little grit and disturbance to...
  18. Reading 77 Shadow Street right now

    Horror Discussion
    I'm just about 200 pages into Dean Koontz's latest novel, 77 Shadow Street. It's got some crazy monsters and cool ideas. I'm partial to Koontz anyway, but this particular novel, more than most of his stuff in the past 10 years, is really a horror novel. Monsters, hellish visions of...
  19. Putting the Magic Back in Halloween

    Haunt is about illusion. We plan our layout, our lighting, sounds, etc. to create an atmosphere that seems to be more menacing than it is. We use hot glue, PVC, and paper mache to create the illusion of things that simply cannot exist. Stage magic is about illusion too. The magician puts...
  20. Hell's Gate General Slocum Haunting

    Check out this Halloween tribute video about the haunting of hell's gate in NYC. Over a 1000 people died in a ferry disaster 100 years ago, and now weird stuff happens there. There are even flesh eating squirrels.