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  1. For Sale By Merchants
    There's a lot of great stuff on Redbubble if you search "Halloween." But if you want something uniquely made for those of us who "make" Halloween, please check out my designs in my "Monsters And Halloween" collection by Scavenger Eye (me.) :) These are made Print On Demand. There is no...
  2. Member Introduction
    Hello, Thanks for letting me be a part of the forum. I am a home haunter. This will be the third year for us to throw a Halloween party. I build most of my props rather than buying them. The first year I did it, was just a few animatronic, jump out and scare you things in the house, and a lot...
  3. Halloween Props
    hey every one so i was thinking that with the increase in popularity of pokemon this year i want to try to make some pokemon decorations for the yard. i was wondering if any one else had made some and had some pointers for me to try. I'm thinking i would just start with the 3 original ghost...
  4. General Halloween
    Taking a 4th of July weekend trip to NYC, staying in mid-town Manhattan. Are there any places to visit that may be interesting for a home haunter / halloween enthusiast? Prop shops, sound/light equipment shops perhaps, theatre gear, museums, etc? Tannen's magic shop or Fantasma (thinking about...
  5. General Halloween
    I didn't see this thread anywhere thought it would be fun to see whats coming out. This Halloween haunter prop has made it mass production. https://www.**************/collections/animated-prop/cauldron-creeper
  6. Halloween Music
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://app.box.com/s/y4u89vh7goj5181nj2pir4vd3yozq1xf The Haunter of the Dark" is a horror short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in November 1935, and published in the December 1936 edition of Weird Tales (Vol. 28, No. 5, p. 538–53). It was the last-written of the...
  7. Member Introduction
    HI guys! This has been my go to site for inspiration on all things Halloween. I'm looking forward to sharing and getting to know everybody. I'm a home haunter and I'm in the process of my 2016 build! More to come. Thanks, John
  8. For Sale By Merchants
    If anyone is looking for that last minute gift for the haunter on their list, Spider Hill Prop Works now has gift certificates available on our site. We have them in $25, $50, and $100 denominations. Click the image below!
  9. General Halloween
    It's coming down to the wire when just about every haunter has that dream - the haunter equivalent of not having job or school work ready in time. Last night I dreamt that it was 10 minutes past TOT start time and kids were starting to line up at my door. Not only didn't I have my costume on-...
  10. General Halloween
    I thought this was funny. It's the Haunted Horror Pre-code Coloring book! It doesn't come out until November apparently so you won't be able to use it to de-stress this Halloween. :( But might make a perfect stocking stuffer for your favourite haunter. :)...
  11. Halloween Props
    I am going to do some ghost window projections this year. I like the atmosphere fx projections but was wondering if there were any other options. I saw a fellow haunter had one that lit his house on fire - I thought that was amazing and was wondering if there was something else out there...
  12. General Halloween
    Are band saws a good addition to a haunters collection of tools? I saw a nice looking one at a pawn shop with legs for $70 bucks. I have a jig saw, would I get alot of use out of the band saw? I don't have a particular need, I just want to know if it would be practical for a home haunter. Just...
  13. General Halloween
    I'm certain many others of you have had this happen before but I'm sure no one ever gets tired of it!
  14. General Halloween
    Just looking for a fellow haunter to talk halloween too
  15. Member Introduction
    Hey all, I am an old haunt here and haven't been on in well over a year so I decided to make a new profile and start completely over. (I'd say fresh but I like to think of it more as putrid decaying flesh.) :D I've been busy over the last year... coming up with new prop ideas and completing...
  16. General Halloween
    We discovered we may have to relocate because of our job and my first thought was "We can't move in October."
  17. General Halloween
    Hello! Just wanted to say I started a series of videos on my YouTube channel called "Haunt Insider". Each episode I pick 3 haunts or haunters that are on YouTube and feature them, showing and telling a bit about them. I try to focus on haunts that do not have a lot of views or subscribers. I...
21-38 of 39 Results