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  1. Dead End Yard Haunt 2019

    General Halloween
    This year our town moved Halloween to Wednesday October 30th because of the intense rain that came on halloween. This is the video from that night. Too bad our mayor announced it at 2 pm that day... not a huge turnout but the familiar faces came by. Fun fact: today the winds came and my shack...
  2. Hiding your LED or Spot Lights?

    General Halloween
    I would like to know what you guys & gals are doing to hide LED or Spot Lights in your Graveyard set ups.
  3. My Haunted Yard

    General Halloween
    What a great year! This was the first time I had a good place to unleash all my ghoulish ideas. Thank you to this site, LightForm Productions, and the numerous great posts from all of my fellow Halloween Fans here! The picture is only a portion of what I've done, and the "night" view is the...