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  1. haunted house audition tips!

    General Halloween
    hi guys! i’m planning on auditioning for a haunted trail/house & i definitely need some tips! i’ve worked at a haunted woods, but i never had to audition for it and we sorta just done our own thing. i could also use some scare acting tips. literally anything would be helpful right now lol.
  2. Haunted Trail Ideas

    Haunted Humor
    Does anyone know any ideas for the Haunted Trail so I can get some ideas on how to make it Bigger and better For Next year:(:p
  3. New albums posted

    General Halloween
    Outdoor movie party and haunted trail...added 2 new albums. Please go check 'em out! Gotta show you this one though...do you see the face in the fire?
  4. Other: Need idea for Camp Crystal Lake...Jason

    Halloween Props
    I saw the post below about needing an idea for Freddy and it dawned on me that I needed and idea for our Camp Crystal Lake/Jason. It will be in our haunted trail. Up near the very front of our property, there is a rectangular hole about 6 x 15 feet and prob 1' deep. It's been there forever and I...
  5. Plans for Haunted Trail 08

    General Halloween
    Pics and thoughts just posted in my albums along with a drawing of our layout. I am so excited about this. I can't wait till it's done. Ours is for private parties only and they won't be until 11/01 and 11/08 so we still have time to work on it. Started the actual labor this past weekend. Please...
  6. Static: an option for year round set-ups

    Halloween Props
    luckily we don't have to take down all of our haunt-it's through the woods and in an huge open field. the graveyard is near the end of the trail where the woods thin out to just a couple of trees. and normally we have the regular Styrofoam or plywood/MM tombstones... but this year i called the...