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  1. Win Over $750 in Halloween Digital Decorations from AtmosFX

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    Win an AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit as well as several of AtmosFX’s Digital Decorations. This includes an HD projector, tripod, remote, projection material and 16 pre-loaded scenes. Valued at over $750 in digital decorations for both Halloween and Christmas, this is a must-have for any...
  2. Need Haunted House HELP!

    General Halloween
    I'll start by saying that I am in Australia, so Halloween is only taking off over here. Sorry if this is a totally newb question, but have googled and searched and not finding what I need (but sure it's actually easy!) I'm wanting to create a haunted house. The kind like you find at carnivals...
  3. Haunted Houses and strobe lights

    General Halloween
    I love doing Haunted Houses but almost all of them use strobe lights. I'm not epileptic but they do make me feel very sick. A couple years ago I got very excited to go to a collection of Haunted Houses in Toronto only to realize in the second house they had a strobe light and I almost passed...
  4. Scream Park California Expands to Sacramento CA - Oct 2014

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    Scream Park California is set to open a colossal Halloween event in Sacramento this October 2014. Scream Park California features 3 outrageous haunted houses, live music concerts, food, drinks, and live entertainment. Visit their website below for info. Event Website...
  5. Hello from a new startup business in Tampa Night Heron Productions, LLC

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    We are hoping to create a niche in the haunted themed attractions industry and opening with a new haunted house in Tampa Bay Area in 2014. We are looking for props and haunted house items of all kinds. We will also be looking for talented help in all areas of our business for when we open this...
  6. Wanted: Commercial grade haunted house props in Florida

    Wanted to Buy
    We will always be on the look out for any haunted house props to use either in our up coming haunted house or in our future haunted houses. We are a new business and want to find good deals on good quality props.
  7. Themed Rooms for Halloween party!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hello! I am getting ready for our 2nd annual Halloween party! Last year was a big success and everyone is excited to return. We like to do each room a different theme. I want to do everything different than last year so I am looking for suggestions. I will post what ideas I have so far as...
  8. Brand New Member

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    Lover of all things Halloween...in search of the BEST haunted house in existence. I am brand spankin' new to this forum and so far it seems spookilicious.
  9. How would you start a neighborhood haunt?

    General Halloween
    I've got this silly pipedream of eventually having an incredible haunted house of my own once I get a proper house for it. So-- where do you even start? How do you attract people to the haunt? How do you put monetary gain/staff into it? Any tips? Let's just start an idea pile. So - I...
  10. Zombies or Clowns?

    General Halloween
    I have been debating back and forth on which theme I should go for this year. I normally do a haunted house incorporating a theme for each room but this year I want to focus on one theme. Zombies are my favorite and I would be able to pull of more easily on a large scale, however, clowns have...
  11. Phantom Harbor is looking for YOU!

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    Hey Kids! Shannon Shea from PHANTOM HARBOR here to invite you all to submit photos, videos, etc. to the Captain for inclusion in this year's month long celebration of Halloween! What is Phantom Harbor? WHAT?!....YOU DON'T KNOW PHANTOM HARBOR?!!!! I'm kidding. Phantom Harbor is my...
  12. Build Your Own Nightmare Contest

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    Hello fellow haunters! We are running a contest in Illinois where we are giving away $475 to the top 3 rooms based on fan voting. If you live near Joliet/Wilmington, IL and you love designing cool stuff and would like to have your own room at our haunted house, please see this video for info...
  13. Any REALLY SCARY Haunted Houses in the Southern California

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey everyone, thanks in advance if anyone has suggestions. I'm a really big Haunted House fan, but honestly I really haven't experienced a good one in almost over 15 years. They have become progressively more commercial and overall cheesy. I was wondering if anyone knows of a really good (and...
  14. Denver Haunted Houses

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    I'm so glad I found this site. I spend a lot of time dreaming, living, building and promoting Denver haunted houses - yeah! I am looking forward to learning and sharing what little knowledge I've gained over the last two decades building, running and promoting haunted attractions. I'm sure I...
  15. Do you know what today is?

    General Halloween
    YES! It's the official 100th day befort Halloween! It seems that everyione is back on the forum, planning haunts, and shopping Dollar Tree for some worthless plastic props because we can't save our money til the Spirit stores open! Personally I'm planning to start building in about a week, and...
  16. Nox Arcana play America Haunts on Travel Channel

    General Halloween
    Nox Arcana music is featured exclusively on America Haunts 4, Halloween weekend on the Travel Channel. The show takes you on a tour of various haunted houses across the country. Here's some of the air dates I found. Check your local listings. Thu Oct 29 - 8pm (EST) Fri Oct 30 - 12am (EST) Sat...
  17. How to Make the Perfect Haunted House

    General Halloween
    An interesting article on the "thematic" (as opposed to "technical") aspect of making a terrific haunted house.