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  1. Gettin excited! Haunted house framing is done.

    Halloween Props
    I'm gettin even more excited now that my gaming is pretty much done. Time to start filling in the walls!!
  2. haunted house audition tips!

    General Halloween
    hi guys! i’m planning on auditioning for a haunted trail/house & i definitely need some tips! i’ve worked at a haunted woods, but i never had to audition for it and we sorta just done our own thing. i could also use some scare acting tips. literally anything would be helpful right now lol.
  3. Dark Ride Car Arduino (possibly hoverboard motor)

    General Halloween
    Hey! I am new to the Halloween forum, but I am definitely not new to Halloween. This is my 7th year building a haunted house type attraction. I am needing to find a way to build 2 dark ride cars for a 100' dark ride I am building. I currently have a brushless hoverboard motor that is 8" and...
  4. GravenWood yard haunt 2018

    General Halloween
    link to photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmvRHerL
  5. Would love brainstorming/idea help for finishing haunted basement!

    General Halloween
    Hello everyone! I need some extra brain power for ideas to really flesh out my haunted basement for this year. It's a small finished space with a bathroom, one large room, a narrow hallway, and an unfinished work room. None of my friends or husband are super into Halloween and I'm in my first...
  6. Phish Interprets Chilling, Thilling Sounds Of The Haunted House

    Halloween Music
    Just discovered this today and man is it great!!! View Playbill here: http://phish.com/projects/Phish2014Playbill.pdf Purchase download here: http://www.livephish.com/browse/music/0,899/Phish-mp3-flac-download-10-31-2014-MGM-Grand-Garden-Arena-Las-Vegas-NV
  7. Complete Haunt for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    We are putting up our complete Haunt for sale. We had set this up in a 18X36 Military tent with the graveyard outside as you either exit or enter the maze. A couple different maze patterns, This haunt comes with: Maze walls and aparatus to stand, witches and witches lair, vampire in coffin and...
  8. Electronic/Software: Best way to do ghosts in haunted house?

    Halloween Props
    We have a room in a community haunted barn and we are going with a Coraline theme. This is a very low-tech thing without a lot of funds, so I can't go too extravagant. I would like to have the ghost children from the movie projected onto a wall but I can't figure out the best way to do it...
  9. What's your current fav thing to leave out year round?

    General Halloween
    For me it's this little guy. I always end up with something left out of a box like a spider or something - usually by accident. And I have some Halloween collectibles that stay on display in a curio cabinet. But my current favorite thing is this Bath and Body Works light up haunted house...
  10. Prop Showcase: Our 2016 Haunted House and yard

    Halloween Props
    All of our props are hand made. I start planning and designing in Aug, then by Halloween I realized that I wanted to devote an entire year to Halloween projects. I am posting a video of our haunted house and yard. Please disregard the guys voice as it was taken by my brother as a Facebook...
  11. Vintage Haunted House Centerpieces 1960s-80s?

    General Halloween
    Greetings! Seeking identification info of vintage Halloween decorations by Hallmark (and their side company Ambassador). I've attached an image of a few of the items. These have no bar code, and no date. I think these are from the late 60s, or perhaps as late as the 70s or 80s? I've contacted...
  12. Hello from a Halloween fanatic!

    Member Introduction
    Greetings! My name is Autumn. :) Its finally getting to be the most wonderful time of year... I have been a member for awhile but this is my first time posting. If you can't tell, Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I look forward to it constantly. I am huge into making my own props and...
  13. Haunted House Finale?

    General Halloween
    So I've been helping the local recreation center with their haunted walk for the past 5 years, and every year we try to add something new. We have, in my opinion, one of the best haunted houses in the state of Maine... but I need a new finale. The last few years have been a car scare, and the...
  14. I've heard those sound effects before…

    Halloween Music
    Anyone else long-in-the-tooth recognize the background sounds in this video — particularly in the beginning?
  15. Prop Showcase: The nightmare before christmas in my attic

    Halloween Props
    Hi - I am new here. I guess it was 3 years ago I came across the life sized Jack Skellington in a Walgreens store here in North Carolina. Without hesitation I bought him, buckled him in the front seat on the truck and brought him home. When I saw him I knew where he would go: right up in the...
  16. Two Halloween light up pictures for sale

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Pictures attached--$12 each, or $22 for both. For shipping charges, I want to be fair so I would have to let you know after I check with post office what it would cost from my address to yours.
  17. New Business!!

  18. Halloween in the UK

    General Halloween
    Hi Everyone, Been lurking in the background for a couple of years and got to say, everyone is brilliant! I know Halloween is very big in the USA, but is only starting to become something in the UK. After years of trying, and it never being the right time, I am hoping to finally do my own...
  19. Haunt of the Scottsquatch 2015, I'm back :)

    General Halloween
    It's been a few years since the last time I've done a yard haunt (since 2012 to be exact). Please check out the link to my video for this years haunt, and let me know what you think. :) Here's the link: https://youtu.be/Yoxc-yfaQjU -Scottsquatch
  20. Chamber Of Horrors - alternate versions??

    Halloween Music
    Hey, everybody: I was going thru the posts of music/sfx, and I saw the post on the Haunting Chamber Of Horrors cassette, from 1988. I've been searching for years, attempting to find the same sfx tape I had when I was a kid. So far, this one is the closest - but still not the one. From what I...