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  1. Hedwigson Hotel Is Now Accepting all ideas, sketches and Volunteers

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    Hello. I am Noah Boyd, and I am creating a Dark Ride Myself. So, Let's get to where it all started: Special thanks to Don O'Neil and The Sedgewick Hotel Dark Ride for inspiring me to do this, but with a Twist, We will be applying the SAME Principles that Technifex Used to create Dark Castle At...
  2. Haunted Hotel mystery party

    Member Introduction
    Hi all! My name is Marcella and I live in The Nettherlands I've been a HalIoween fan for years and I'm lookin forward to learn all about your halloween stories and ideas. This year I will host a haunted hotel mystery party for halloween and I hope to get ideas and inspiration here. So who has...
  3. Haunted B&B (2015)

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our house just can't give the "hotel" vibe, so we're going with a haunted B&B theme. This came about largely because I've been dying to incorporate skeleton keys and some other factors* into a party for years and I'm finally going for it. Long ways to go! All I know for sure is that the save...
  4. Static: Lupus homine trophy head

    Halloween Props
    Part of my Haunted Hotel scene idea was to have the hallway lined with trophy heads of iconic Halloween creatures: werewolf, vampyre, Creature from the Black Lagoon, or maybe Frankenstein. Here's the first one-21" tall
  5. 2014 Haunted Hotel Halloween Party

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi all, since some of us (and by some of us I mean myself) are going through Halloween withdrawal, I thought I'd start my thread for 2014. 2012 was zombies, 2013 was Universal classic monsters and 2014 will be a haunted hotel. This past year our family went to Disney and my son and I went on...
  6. Stanley Film Convention

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    I recently found out about the Stanley Film Convention at the Stanley Houten Hotel in Colorado. As I'm sure many of you know this hotel is rumored to be haunted and was the inspiration for one of my favorite books/films "The Shining". Has anyone ever been to this convention or know anything...
  7. Electronic/Software: CHEAP MP3 players

    Halloween Props
    Anyone know where i can find some cheap mp-3 players.. i am looking to do a haunted hotel theme this year and need like 3 or 4 cheap mp3 players to hlep with my haunt... also while i am posting, anyone know how to hack a telephone to use its own internal amplifier to a mp3 that would play creepy...