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    Win an AtmosFX Holiday Digital Decorating Kit as well as several of AtmosFX’s Digital Decorations. This includes an HD projector, tripod, remote, projection material and 16 pre-loaded scenes. Valued at over $750 in digital decorations for both Halloween and Christmas, this is a must-have for any...
  2. General Halloween
    I enjoy scaring people during the season for it but i would really love to be able to scare all year round.Problem being, I dont know of anything like that in my area. Does anyone have any ideas? By the way I live on the coast of Virginia
  3. General Halloween
    We have some horror attractions. I'm now old enough to volunteer, not that I could before, but my mother wanted me older to work at one. the one I've gone to for 3 years straight is called "Legends of the Fog" it's lovely. Though, I want to go to more!!!! :D anyone have suggestions that are...
  4. Member Introduction
    I just wanted to introduce myself. Its awesome to see a site full of Halloween lovers like myself. I am in the process of figuring out this site and getting a solid profile together. A bit about myself I guess...I am obsessed with Halloween. Its what I do daily. It is my goal to soon work in the...
  5. Member Introduction
    My name is Kevin Karstens... I run 'Karstens Creations', an online graphics/illustration biz. I have had my stuff published in Rue Morgue, UK Toy Collectors, Cracked and Doctor Who Magazine and I have been fortunate enough to received glowing reviews of my art and animation from the...
  6. General Halloween
    Anybody have any recomendations for haunted attractions for this year in or around New Jersey? I just want to hear what you guys like and which ones are good so i can get an idea!
1-6 of 6 Results