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  1. Dead End Yard Haunt 2019

    General Halloween
    This year our town moved Halloween to Wednesday October 30th because of the intense rain that came on halloween. This is the video from that night. Too bad our mayor announced it at 2 pm that day... not a huge turnout but the familiar faces came by. Fun fact: today the winds came and my shack...
  2. Static: My new 2016 Haunt Walls (Reusable and easy to store)

    Halloween Props
    I built a new house this year and wanted to create walls for my haunt that were easy to take down and required minimal storage. (Wife wanted to be able to park in the garage before the snow hit. The panels are made from 2x3s held together with brackets. Painters canvas is attached to the top and...
  3. Haunted Trail Ideas

    Haunted Humor
    Does anyone know any ideas for the Haunted Trail so I can get some ideas on how to make it Bigger and better For Next year:(:p
  4. What are some of your favorite Haunted Houses? Names and Locations?

    General Halloween
    Hey all, So every Halloween season I go nuts and try to travel as much as possible to some of the biggest and best haunted houses. I think I've seen Travel Channel's haunted house episodes about 50 times a piece! I'm from Northern PA and there are some epic ones around here! Some of my...
  5. House of Horror Amusement Park, Miami FL ( pics and review )

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    Decided to take my girlfriend to her first haunted house in Miami, FL. We went this past Wed. night, and had a blast. Very professional haunted attraction ( 2 acres - 30 mins. to walk through - including an authentic graveyard ) She was quite brave, yet scared very easily :D After the house...
  6. Blackout Haunted House - NYC

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    My Brother-In-Law was telling me about this Haunt in New York. Apparently, it incredible intense - no one under 18 admitted, actors making full (sometime semi-violent) contact, each patron goes in alone. Has anyone gone through? I've read some reviews and it sounds like quite an experience...
  7. Other: Help with storage

    Halloween Props
    There is a question i want to throw out there to anyone who runs a home haunt, and or is is thinking of starting a professional haunt.. I obviously, like most haunters would love to start my own haunt.. The question i have is storage..i currently run a small home haunt. Now, i am completely out...
  8. Spooky voiceovers

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Dr. Mayhem Productions. Spooky voiceovers and sound production. Great quality, great turnaround time and very affordable. Contact me at [email protected] Go to drmayhem.jimdo.com for info and samples. 10+ years in the business. Thanks! Mike May, aka: "Dr. Mayhem"
  9. Professional Black Tent NEEDED! Any help?!?!

    Wanted to Buy
    Hello- I am looking for a professional/commercial grade event tent in black (40x100) for our haunted attraction we are running this year. ANY help to sources, sites, contacts, you!?!?, anything will help!
  10. What Scares You?

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    I volunteer at a local haunted house thats very popular around where i live and we are going to be rebuilding rooms and giving ideas in the spring... so i was wondering: what scares you? what would you wanna see at a haunted house? what are some of your nightmares that you'd be scared to...
  11. Free Haunt Listing at the Raven's Barrow and I Want to Publish Your Halloween News

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Greetings from the Raven's Barrow, With September here and some Haunted Atrractions opening this weekend I thought I'd extend my usual offer to any Haunted Attraction - be it a pro-haunt or a home haunt - for a posting on my Halloween and horror blog - the Raven's Barrow at the Raven's Barrow...
  12. Haunted Attraction Magazine Contact Info

    General Halloween
    Does anyone have contact information (email address etc) for Haunted Attraction Magazine? I received the shipping cover (no insides) to the latest issue in an envelope from the Post Office apologizing for destroying my mail, but swearing that they really do care. To make matters worse, there...