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  1. Spooky music on Spotify

    Halloween Music
    Check out some spooky tunes on Spotify from Dr. Snik... #Halloween #HalloweenMusic #soundtrack #horror #horrormusic #indiefilm #indiemusic #psychedelic #psychedelicmusic #indiehorror #darkwave #haunt #hauntedhouse #synth #virtualorchestra
  2. Gate Outside

    Gate Outside

    Gate is installed outside the garage.
  3. 8' Long Tentacle Arms

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Note: This is a repost of an old tutorial whose links to pictures were broken with the software update at HF. Got these terrific tentacle arms from Fright Props but needed two things to make them work for our haunt. First, they needed to be hangable. Second, they had to be extended another 3...
  4. The new Haunt

    The new Haunt

    9/21/19 Grim II is taking on a recognizable appearance. 8/22/19: Things are just getting started. One section of fence (making 10) 3 - 1x2x8' Firing strips 3 - 10' 1/2" PVC (Cut to 36", 40" & 44") 9 Plastic finials 36 screws 1- can black spray primer. I got all my Fencing Supplies and have...
  5. Steamtown Gotham 2019

    General Halloween
    So it's that time. I debated for quite some time if I wanted to do a midweek setup this year with Halloween being on a Thursday. But we're locked in to having it up this year with our application to be on the SoCal Hauntlist. These are some pics from the setup from last year. This is the...
  6. Thinking about using my outdoor pool to dissolve bodies this year.

    General Halloween
    Ok, so I just moved to Florida and am fortunate enough to have an in-ground pool at my rental property. Because I didn’t do anything last year in Montana I am really considering doing a walkthrough on Halloween and using my in-ground pool as a vat of acid and dissolve a half dozen bodies...
  7. Spirit Halloween 2019

    General Halloween
    Since a thread has not been made for this yet I thought I would make one. Spirit released their first 2019 sneak peek today, and it is the "Terror Dog", also known as Zuul from Ghostbusters. It is a high price point at $499.99, but he is a licensed prop made of foam-filled latex and almost 5...
  8. Haunters nearby you?

    General Halloween
    Hey all. Just curious, have any of your neighbors started decorating “big” after you started, or after you moved in? I’m sure some of you are lucky enough to live on the same block as other haunters, but I’m curious if anyone here has inspired another nearby to start their own excessive...
  9. 2018 Yard Haunt - Daytime, Night, and Video

    General Halloween
    Daytime Photos with commentary Night photos with a couple of gifs
  10. Favorite/Scariest Haunt Room Themes

    General Halloween
    I know everyone has different fears, but what are some of your favorite haunt room themes?? And what types of scares get you the best?!
  11. Anyone with campsite (RV Park) haunt experience?? First timer looking for advice!!

    General Halloween
    Friends - We are taking my Voodoo on the Bayou yard haunt on a road trip this year and setting up shop at Lake Rudolph (Holiday World) Campground. Any tips from experienced campers/haunters who have done this before? I have quite a few props to take (skeletons, lighting, sound effects). Will...
  12. TOT during the day help

    General Halloween
    I moved earlier this year into my mother's home. She's allowing me to live rent free with her while I attend nursing school nearby. The good news is that she's totally cool with me decorating for Halloween! The bad news is that her township has TOT during the day the Saturday before Halloween...
  13. Trick or Treat ;)

    I recently started a youtube channel for my home haunt Falcon Cemetery. I'm going to start posting whenever I upload a new video in case anybody wants to check it out! I'm also pretty active on instagram once my build season starts. My Most Recent Video I get asked a lot about where I store...
  14. Prop Showcase: Kindo's 2017 Haunt

    Halloween Props
    Well it's all over and the post Halloween depression has hit. lol! :D Was a pretty good year. Had a lot of fun. didn't get as many kids as i was hopping since it wasn't raining this year. got more people last year and it was storming. O well, it did leave an impact on the ones that did show up...
  15. Greetings! Annual all-ages Halloween Maze in Central, MA

    Member Introduction
    Greetings fellow haunters! I've been building a Halloween Maze in my side yard for trick or treaters for the past few years, and opened the invitation up to the community at large this year, starting October 14 and running through (perhaps a little past) Halloween. We opened 6:30-8:30pm nightly...
  16. Hello All...

    Member Introduction
    Just wanted to take the time and introduce Game Zone Mania™ to the community. We are new to the HalloweenForum and have been inspired by this forum to start our own Dark Ride DIY Build for 2017. This would not be possible without the insightful information that is found here to make this even...
  17. Slow start to 2017 Gotham themed haunt

    General Halloween
    UPDATE 2017 PICS Back to the 2016 stuff and build up to 2017. Lots of pics in the thread........ So I'm just checking in to see what everyone is up to this year. I think the fact that Halloween is on a Tuesday has far from sparked excitement for me this year. I have a couple new...
  18. Any Colorado based Home Haunters? (Finding Haunters Advice)

    General Halloween
    Hey folks! Anyone in the Colorado area? Also, is there a good way to track down and find good haunts in your area? I typically drive all the neighborhoods starting in mid October looking for fellow haunters. I sometimes ask people in Spirit and other stores about their purchases to see what...
  19. Hi-Rez Designs: New Halloween Visual FX for 2017

    For Sale By Merchants
    Greetings from Hi-Rez Designs, Halloween 2017 is quickly approaching, so why not take your haunt to the next level by adding one of Hi-Rez Designs All-New 2017 Halloween Visual FX products. For more information or to visit our online store, go to www.hi-rezdesigns.com MONSTER IN-A-BOX 2.0...
  20. My Debut Album • World of Fright

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, hope you all have been doing well and keeping yourselves in the Halloween spirit! I'm happy to finally announce the release of my first album that's made up of some songs that I have posted here before as well as some new tracks. For now, the...