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  1. Halloween Music
    Hi everyone Sam Haynes here. We are giving away a free download of a track from our new album (which just won album of the year 2019 from Nightmare City Halloween Radio!) its a remix of our track 1984 that has been made to sound like vintage rockabilly music. Its kind of experimental and was...
  2. Halloween Music
    Hey everyone You can download our FREE ALBUM of award winning horror music - Get Spine Chillers free to celebrate our nomination for a Rondo award! Go here www.hauntmusic.co.uk Please vote for us in category 25 - best music CD if you like what you hear...
  3. Halloween Music
    Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted a custom welcome for your haunt but don't want to shell out big bucks for a professional? Why get a professional and pay extra when you can get a fellow home haunter to do it for free? That's right FREE!! All you have to provide is the script, character...
  4. Halloween Music
    Anybody know anyone who will create a custom made cd for your haunt? I would like to find somebody who will create it just the way you want it. THANKS!!!
1-4 of 4 Results