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  1. Haunted Attraction Magazine & Horrorhound Magazine Lots on Ebay

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Hey everyone! I just found my old collection of Haunted Attraction Magazine and HorrorHound magazines in the basement. I've read them all enough so I put them up on Ebay so someone else could enjoy them. There's 15 issues of Haunted Attraction and 32 issues of Horrhound. Check em out at the...
  2. Transworld haunt show

    Haunts, Gatherings and Conventions
    The Halloween & Attractions Show opens for business March 17-20, 2016 at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction show is the ONLY industry trade show of its kind in the world. There is no other show that has as many exhibitors and industry related...
  3. Haunted attraction in Ohio permits? Help!

    General Halloween
    Alright, so there are some woods (a few acres) by my house and I recentley got permission to build a haunt in it by the owner. I'm not going to charge a mandatory entree fee but I am going to put some kind of bucket outside of the haunt for donations. Nothing is mandatory, it's just in case they...
  4. What are some of your favorite Haunted Houses? Names and Locations?

    General Halloween
    Hey all, So every Halloween season I go nuts and try to travel as much as possible to some of the biggest and best haunted houses. I think I've seen Travel Channel's haunted house episodes about 50 times a piece! I'm from Northern PA and there are some epic ones around here! Some of my...