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  1. Halloween Music
    FREE Halloween Music download! We are giving away a full album of award winning haunt music to celebrate the start of October GHOST STORIES - 15 electro horror tracks for Haunts Download the CD now here...
  2. Halloween Music
    Hi to celebrate the coming of the great pumpkin, and to say thanks to everyone on Halloweenforum for your support we are giving away a FREE full length Haunt Music CD - Ghost Stories. Its full of award winning dark electronic horror music! Click below to download the album (normally $8.99 on...
  3. For Sale By Merchants
    Hi Everyone! We are proud to announce we have completed our latest Halloween CD! PUMPKIN ON YOUR STEREO the follow up to our 2016 Amazon top 10 Halloween Hit 'Something Wicked' Check out a preview of the new songs here...
  4. Halloween Music
    So, I'm working on the soundtrack for Toombs Manor and I want it to have a very cinematic feel to it. I'm wanting vocals and orchestral-type music. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  5. Halloween Music
    Here is a link to my first Halloween mix. I plan to use Vixen to have some moody light changes (LED spots). It isn't final, but any feedback would be great. I already hear a few parts that need better fading in and out. I also want to add thunder. My haunt is a three witch with bubbling cauldron...
1-5 of 5 Results