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  1. Mechanical: Train build...a good start.

    Halloween Props
    I've wanted to do a ghost train for a while now and this year it's happening. :) The majority of the build is 2x2's and 1/4 subfloor mahogany ply. These materials are keeping down both the weight and cost of the build. The main boiler is just 2 4' diameter circles strung together with 2x2's and...
  2. Black widow seasion coming

    Off-Topic Stuff
    There's a large metal building where I have to visit about one every month or so and it always has one or two large black widows in it. Went down yesterday and with the weather getting warmer I decided to look around a bit. Sure enough there are a few large black widow egg sacs just waiting to...
  3. RIP Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica)

    Off-Topic Stuff
    Just read that Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica fame (Apollo) has passed away from pancreatic cancer. Only 71. Think I saw every episode of BG and he was my favorite character. Earliest I remember him acting was from his time on All my Children as Tara's boyfriend, Phillip. Always thought...
  4. Greeting from Attic Hatch with the Haunt that can be seen FROM ORBIT!

    Member Introduction
    Hello, all A Michigan haunter here. Designed my 1st costume at age 5 (the Mean Ghost!), brought to life by my awesome Mom, a seamstress. She encouraged me and my brothers’ creativity as we made Halloween window displays In grade school we did basement “spook shows” with clothes lines and bed...