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  1. Static: Cropper: Unorthodox "zombie" work in progress

    Halloween Props
    Cropper. 1. a person or thing that crops. 2. a person who raises a crop. 3. a person who cultivates land for its owner in return for part of the crop; sharecropper. 4. a plant that furnishes a crop. 5. a cloth-shearing machine. Idioms 6. come a cropper, Informal. a.to fail; be struck...
  2. The Bone Mother: Unorthodox 2016 Open Discussion.

    General Halloween
    Doesn't that just SOUND like me? Anyway, if you've been following me for some time, you know one thing I REALLY hate is to leave something undone. From the mad scientist lab when I was 8 (redone some 25 years after the initial concept), to redoing "The Orchard" portion of our Harvest theme...
  3. The Harvest: Unorthodox 2015

    General Halloween
    Night started with rain. That didn't slow attendance. We just crowded into the garage. As it went on, the rain stopped and it warmed just in time to start lighting things. I knew early on, this year was special as it started to fill in.
  4. Guinness Red Harvest Beer

    General Halloween
    In 2013, Guinness released their Red Harvest Stout. It was an amazing beer celebrating the true ancient Halloween...Samhain. I emailed them last year for the 2014 season but they were no plans on releasing. Any word on the street on this? Has anybody seen any in stores?
  5. Harvest Bonfire

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    This will be my 5th having a Halloween party. Money will be a bit tight this year since baby # 2 is due in August. So far, out of all of my parties, our Harvest Bonfire was the biggest success. It was laid back and I kept with very traditional décor. Now, I hate to do the same thing twice but I...