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  1. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    In previous posts, I've often mentioned using Light-O-Rama hardware and software for Halloween displays. The following video isn't so much a tutorial as an introduction that may tempt some of you to add computerized control to your attractions. I've used only the company's most basic equipment...
  2. Halloween Props
    My theme for Halloween this year is Zombies of OZ. This is the Tin Man's head. I am using the Banshee controller from haunthackers.com with a Monster Guts 3-Axis Skull hardware. The head is made from EVA foam and will be further shaped, sealed and painted.
  3. Halloween Props
    How do you guys bind something to an electric motor's rotating stud? I've got a gear motor I'd like to turn into a lever to push a prop. I always think there must be some hardware made for this, but don't even know what to google. Or do you all just have welders, lol?
  4. General Halloween
    I had no idea there were two similar fetal skeleton models on the market that, although very similar in appearance and price, are not the same. Figured if I was confused, others might be as well. First, I bought this version (identified by the mounting hardware including springs on mandible)...
  5. Halloween Props
    If you've ever taken a look at Terra's ChromaDepth 3D Wall Panel tutorials, you'd see that they are built from furring strips that are covered with landscape fabric and then painted with fluorescent color. Simple and very effective. I was thinking of using a similar framework to build...
1-5 of 5 Results