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  1. Haunters nearby you?

    General Halloween
    Hey all. Just curious, have any of your neighbors started decorating “big” after you started, or after you moved in? I’m sure some of you are lucky enough to live on the same block as other haunters, but I’m curious if anyone here has inspired another nearby to start their own excessive...
  2. HarborFreight Easter Weekend Sale/Extended Spring Black Friday - thru Sun. 4/21

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    Happened to notice that Harbor Freight (online and instore) has a big sale going on. Website has a 25% off one item Super Coupon, and another 20% off one item Coupon. Both say 1 coupon per customer per day however, so Sat and Sun. Not sure if stores will be open Easter Sunday so call first...
  3. Masks

    General Halloween
    I was looking to see how to store masks? Last year I opened them and I lost about 5 masks there were a few stuck together and there was one that was flattened like all the moisture was sucked out of it. Don't know what happened to them. How do you store your masks?
  4. We love Halloween so much that we had a surprise wedding at our party last year!

    Member Introduction
    Hey all. New member here and can't wait for our next Halloween party this year. We had a creepy circus theme last year where we surprised our guests by getting married. It was amazing. This year's theme will be Aliens so I've been scouring the internet for ideas on making some DIY alien...
  5. Countdown Missing?

    Site Issues and Feedback
    I have not been on the site in a few weeks but just noticed the countdown is missing from the forum homepage. Anyone know what happened?
  6. Other: Melting Tombstone

    Halloween Props
    This is the back (fortunately) of the new Remus Lupin stone we made this year. We've been setting our graveyard up for years and this never happened before - we must have just put this one in the wrong spot. Sunlight reflected off a window and melted the foam away. Anyone else ever had this...
  7. Tiki Themed Halloween 2018

    General Halloween
    Here are the videos of my Tiki Themed Haunt. There were supposed to be animations (a creep jumping out of the Tiki Bar and a moving Tiki skeleton) but I did not have time to get those working, had computer glitches and the tiki poles being the main attraction took priority. Also fog was...
  8. Static: Tombstone showing foam through paint

    Halloween Props
    Hi All, I made a tombstone for a friend of mine. I used 2 coats of Drylok and 2 coats of paint as a base before aging it. After one Halloween season, the pink foam started to show through the paint. Has this happened to anyone before? I can't find any other instances of this happening...
  9. The Halloween Scrooge, has put a STOP to Halloween for this Year!

    General Halloween
    Looks like my Halloween, and all of my work to date, has come to a sudden and crashing Stop. And all of the work, and all of the hours, that have been spent to date on my Haunt, has all been for nothing....not to mention the Money, as well. The World, that we now live in, is just Totally Effed...
  10. Hello?

    Member Introduction
    Hi everyone. Just a new homeowner here looking for Halloween ideas. I make the decisions now, and I've always wanted to go big! (On a side note, what happened to my first post? I posted a thread in props early this morning, and it vanished)
  11. Double posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    It's happened to me several times lately and seems to be happening to others as well. Mods, can this be looked into?
  12. Spriders on sidewalk

    General Halloween
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but want to share something funny that just happened. my neighbor just called the police because some put fake spiders on the sidewalk
  13. Ads interrupting my posts

    Site Issues and Feedback
    Dear Admins, it was my understanding that as long as we were logged in with our user names and passwords, that we wouldn't be bothered with the "auto-start" ads that have been placed on the site. I'm continuing to have issues with the ads auto-playing while I'm logged on. It happened yesterday...
  14. Static: A couple of new things for me this year... besides the fence. (witch & monster)

    Halloween Props
    $10 Witch prop I got and am using stuff I already have on hand to upgrade, (PVC stand, adding fabric to her dress which started sheer, etc.). She still needs work but it's a start. Next to her is one of the pumpkins I am rewiring to be much safer after what happened last year. This is...
  15. My New Display!

    General Halloween
    Totally unplanned, uncared for, it just very slowly.... happened, and it happened at the corner of my yard, right where most people stand to take possibly their first look at my house. 30 years ago I mounted a dirt bike into the huge dent in the side of my car, complete with skeletal bike rider...
  16. This might be my last Halloween to deocrate, (electrical fire)

    General Halloween
    It depends on if I can figure out a way to feel safe about it again. \ So this happened today. It seems to have happened before the power was even turned on, though I'm not sure how it could unl;ess they came on almost an hour earlier than they were set to, or possibly didn't turn off last...
  17. My Policy is simple

    Paranormal and the Unexplained
    I only talk about the odd, ghostly events that I believe to be true. I believe them because :1) They happened to me. 2) They happened to someone I know and believe. Other lesser types of stories I might repeat for possible information gathering because...
  18. gr8 day 2 day

    General Halloween
    something that's never happened b4 happened 2day ... a school bus stopped in front of our yard ... they must have made a special detour because, anytime that a school bus drives by its empty ... now it wasn't jam packed but it had a bunch of kids, and it was a gr8 boost to the day ... makes all...
  19. Spirit Halloween Return/Exchange Policy

    General Halloween
    I got a 16.5 " lantern from Spirit last weekend. I noticed tonight that as I was setting up, the bottom park of the glass broke off on the inside. I'm not sure how it happened. I don't have my receipt with me. Can I still take it back to spirit to exchange for another one? I would try to...