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  1. looking for ....

    Wanted to Buy
    one of the animated lunging reaper for a monument prop build for the graveyard. If anyone has one up for grabs, please let me know and I will take it off your hands. Thank you ...
  2. Lakeside Collection Grabbing Hands

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    I found TWO sets of these in THE GREAT PURGE OF 2019! Mine are grey though, not flesh colored like the ones in the pic. I forgot I even had them & need the room. They are still in their boxes too. I had to open one set to check to make sure there was a left & right but they have never been...
  3. Death Studios "The Monster" mask and matching hands f/s

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Purchased new this year for our haunt and worn three hours on Halloween night, Beautiful high quality latex Frankenstein mask with excellent hair work. We also have a pair of DS hands painted to match. The mask s like brand new. The hands have a few scuff marks on them from rubbing on the lab...
  4. Passing along a deal I found - Full size dummy

    General Halloween
    I know this isn't the best prop, but I saw that Amazon is selling a Full Size Dummy with Hands for $25.19 with $14 shipping. Deeply discounted from what I've seen it priced elsewhere. I'm using it for a Weekend at Bernie's prop...
  5. Mechanical: Advice for wiper motor and lateral motion

    Halloween Props
    I have this large wraith with outstretched hands, and I was thinking of hooking up a motor to thrust a zombie baby out of its abdomen in and out. This would be my first foray into DIY motor props and I could use some guidance. Take a look at the 14:14 mark of this video...
  6. Static: Need help with costume party trophies

    Halloween Props
    We're having a costume contest for the first time at our Halloween party this year. I bought wooden bases at Hobby Lobby and skeleton hands at Dollar Tree. The plan is to spray paint the bases black and the hands gold and then attach the hands to the bases. The problem is that the hands are...
  7. Static: Shoes and Hands

    Halloween Props
    What are you guys using to make your hands or attach your hands to your props. Same for shoes where are you getting them, what types are you using? I always seem to struggle on this part.
  8. Goth Goddess Headdress

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    I set out to make a huge flamboyant Goth Goddess headdress to go with a long black dress. I watched this video to learn how to make a wire frame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBdnr2elRKM&app=desktop My materials were 20 gauge wire (the next thickest wire up would probably be more...
  9. Static: Halloween on a budget! Scary frame for $12.97

    Halloween Props
    Everyone always asks me how can I afford all my decorations. For one, I go to yard sales all summer, and I also make so many things. Like I'm sure all of you guys. Last night I made this. From an old frame I got at a yard sale. 2.00 Frame 2.98 Gauze 5.99 Skull 2.00 Hands at dollar store...
  10. Public Library Display

    General Halloween
    This is the display I put together for October entitled "Bone Chilling Reads". So far patrons have kept their hands off Mr. Bones :D
  11. Static: Witch Hands

    Halloween Props
    I'm trying to find some latex green witch hands. I bought this mask http://www.deathstudios.com/Masks/Index.cfm/go:site.Item/Item:92/ID:1/Group:11/index.html and these hands http://www.deathstudios.com/Masks/Index.cfm/go:site.Item/Item:159/ID:1/Group:5/index.html from Death Studios. The mask is...
  12. Static: Need your help!!

    Halloween Props
    Ok so I have a couple props that I am needing some suggestions on. I built the rake a couple years ago using spray foam, paper towels, and white monster mud. Well last year he started peeling really bad. Need some suggestions on what to paint his with to help him stay together. Also his...
  13. Static: Anyone know some good tutorials for a couple of ideas?

    Halloween Props
    Hey all, does anyone have tutorials or ideas as to how I could make the following things? 1) A cauldron: So basically what I wanted to do was an idea from the Saw film series with the "I Want to Play a Game" line. The kids would stick their hands inside of a dark cauldron and it would be filled...
  14. Life size custom animated regan

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Here we have an amazing, one of a kind prop regan from the exorcist. She was custom made for me she is life size, in a sitting position. Her had is resin amazing paint job on her she creeps everyone out this is the one made out there she is a custom piece. I had someone put her together for...
  15. Death Studios zombie mask and hands

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    Death Studios "RIP" zombie mask and matching hands. Used a few times on static props. Stored in climate controlled, smoke free home. Excellent condition. Mask is $65 and hands are $30. Buy both for $90.. PM if interested...
  16. Victorian Trading Co. Flash Sale extended thru 10/14

    Coupons, Discounts and Promotions
    I received an email that their Flash Sale has been extended until Sat. 10/14 @ 11:59 pm EST. Up to 50% off on Selected items and 30 new items added. Free shipping on orders of 69.00 and above. https://www.victoriantradingco.com BTW I have the Beulah's Demise Hag Hands (50% off, now only...
  17. Foam filled prop heads and hands!

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    These were made by Ghoulish Productions. I have 2) new Freak heads and 1 set of matching hands. These parts are brand new (heads still have the tags on them). They are foam filled and have 1 inch PVC embedded in them. The heads have a nice large chest flap which is always great when building...
  18. realistic female silicone zombie hands

    For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    asking $80 plus shipping hands are foam filled silicone really realistic.
  19. Static: Vintage Creepy Clown Puppet

    Halloween Props
    This is a vintage stick puppet most likely from the 1970's. I believe it originally came from an old puppeteer. I think it is supposed to be like a Punch and Judy puppet, but does not have the nose they normally have. This thing is even more creepy that it has 2 right hands. lol. Go ahead, look...
  20. Mechanical: FCG Painting the face and hands?

    Halloween Props
    I'm building an FCG-like prop, and I'm using a styrofoam head and a pair of soft closed-cell foam hands. I want the face and the hands to be the same color, but the foam hands are a yellowish color. I want to paint them, but I was wondering if there was a way to make them stand out. I'm using...