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  1. Build a pneumatic cob web gun

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    This is yet another orphan how-to, unfortunately I never recorded who the original creator of this one was: I saw these web guns for sale on various websites and they aren't that cheap. After reading up on them I figured it was time I made one. I'm going to keep these instruction brief since...
  2. Extreme inflatables displayers- power question

    General Halloween
    I've never been a big fan of inflatables and for years refused to use them. But, I got one a couple years ago and worked it into my setup and I like it. I've always had a desire to do a full walk around the backyard haunt and now it occurs to me that I can easily accomplish this with...
  3. Lighting: PRO-TIP on a budget: Colored lighting filters

    Halloween Props
    I know many of you want to colorize your displays. And DJ supply companies and musical stores like to sell those colored gels. However, they can be expensive. So what is an affordable option? 3-ring binder dividers! Grab the transparent colored plastic dividers, kinda like these...
  4. Mechanical: Anyone do a fire breather animatronic?

    Halloween Props
    Browsing for ideas, I came across these DMX flame pots: These would have been great 20 years ago when I was a kid trying to figure out how to make a flaming hellhole in my parent's yard. Like I have previously mentioned, I'm going to run with a circus/sideshow/carnival theme this year...
  5. Mechanical: Trying to make flailing arms

    Halloween Props
    I'm going to try and make a knock off from the distortions prop that was at Transworld where the zombie/actor is getting electrocuted and his arms are flailing around then the actor runs out. I think it's called Zombie shock. Anyway, i can't afford that so i'm going to make it. I can handle all...
  6. Static: Witch cauldron in progress

    Halloween Props
    Worked on the cauldron for our witch scene. Scrounged up 3 similar limbs for the tripod and lashed them together. Had a piece of old rusty chain and picked up a new "S" hook to hold the handle. The handle is just 1/4" flexible water hose that I heated/bent the ends to make hooks. Nerxt will be...
  7. Harley Quinn Mallet (from last year)

    Halloween Props
    Hey! This is a list of what I used and I will try to give you a rundown of what I did plus a final photo of my mallet. I got a pvc pipe sort of like this http://www.lowes.com/pd/Charlotte-Pipe-4-in-x-10-ft-Sch-40-PVC-DWV-Pipe/3133049 I would take your daughter with you so that she can help...
  8. the app

    Off-Topic Stuff
    I don't have Internet at home right now and rely on my phone. The site is too much to handle on the phone and the app is no good. Are there plans for a better app situation?
  9. Help with Harley Quinn costume

    Halloween Costume Ideas
    My family will be The Joker, Batman, and Harley Quinn this coming Halloween. I'll be The Joker, My wife Harley Quinn, and my daughter Batman. We are going to make as much of the costumes as possible, it's more fun that way and sometimes much cheaper! I feel I have a good handle on my...