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  1. The Shadow Keeper: Party Game for a Scary Halloween

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    I would like to introduce a game created for Halloween or any horror night: The Shadow Keeper. The Shadow Keeper mixes elements from different games as the live role-playing games, scavenger hunts, scavenger hunt or storytelling. The game is Intended for a wide audience, from young teenagers...
  2. Other: Any Reviews? DC Prop Builders Handbook

    Halloween Props
    Anybody own a copy of the DC Prop Builders Handbook volume I or II? http://www.dcprops.com/booksvids.htm Self-published books at such a high price tag ($40) generally scare me off when there's no reviews or sample pages to be seen. I'm looking for a starting guide for animated props as a...
  3. Martha Stewart's Halloween Handbook 2010

    General Halloween
    I've just found out that Martha Stewart will be putting out another Halloween issue called "The Best of Martha Stewart: Halloween Handbook" for this fall. It claims to have more than a 150 ideas in it, but it being 'the best of' I'm assuming it's entirely projects from the past. Not sure if I'll...