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  1. Prop Showcase: Pirate ship and treasure chest out of stuff laying around

    Halloween Props
    I looked at my hammock stand and saw a Pirate ship - I had PVC laying around as well as old canvas paint "tarps" . I used torn bed sheets for the sails. I will be adding a fog machine, audio soundtrack for ocean waves, creaky sounds and Pirates as well as torches inside the ship for extra...
  2. Ltd Commodities (formerly ABC Distributing) - 2017

    General Halloween
    Looks like Ltd Commodities has started their Halloween stocking: https://www.ltdcommodities.com Search for halloween The 71-inch hanging witch looks nice for the price if her clothes look as good in person. The animated Witch's legs are kind of fun. Says it vibrates so it doesn't kick...
  3. Make a Full Size Sleeping Skeleton

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    My Sleeping Skeleton Pirate Last Halloween my wife, Wicked Grandma, saw this sleeping skeleton in a Lakeside Collections catalog. This was a sound activated, sleeping skeleton with a chest that would rise and fall in sync with a snoring sound effect. Thinking it would be a great addition...