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  1. General Halloween
    Let's see them!!! Just in case you are not aware.....................Halloween 2018 is around the corner! Here is mine... Every year is a different theme for me to keep things interesting. Went with a retirement senior living sort of decor. I will keep adding to this until the end of the...
  2. For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone I'm Universal nice to meet everyone. Today I'm here to show off our small company's Halo 5 Masterchief costume which you can actually buy from our website which is https://buyfullbodyarmors.com/store.html/ BuyFullbodyarmors has other costumes to but at the moment we are setting up...
  3. General Halloween
    Is up and running!! They had their Halloween town in full effect in which I bought one to begin my own Halloween town (actually, my wife wants to and to get her more into Haloween in a plus).
  4. Member Introduction
    Hello all! New member from Nashville TN. I have worked in the Haunt industry, local TV, movies, and as an artist for many years thanks to my love of creating Halloween and horror themed art and props. I am always glad to meet other people who love the same things.
1-5 of 6 Results