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  1. Resident Evil Theme Hallway Display

    General Halloween
    Has anyone out there ever came up with a Resident evil theme display if yes what kind of decorations and props and music sounds you use in this theme display I wanted to make mine very cool I never done a theme on a horror game before but I think this will be very challenging but I will see...
  2. Static: No Petting Skelly Zoo

    Halloween Props
    I am hoping to get few ideas to add to my Skelly No Petting Zoo Hallway for the kids in tiwn . I need to make a No Petting Zoo sign and maybe tombstines with about each anumsl and add more props. Best place is here get ideas. Thanks I will post a few pics .
  3. 2019 Witch Theme

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    We're going to Salem, MA in Sept 2019 so I've decided to do a witch theme for my party next year. I just decided in the last couple of days and I'm really excited about it but I haven't really thought about doing this theme before. (I have a vision for the decor which is how I know I'll end up...
  4. Fog: How to pump Fog into Vortex Tunnel

    Halloween Props
    Okay, I have a hallway in my maze that I want to use as a vortex tunnel. How do I pump fog into the hallway? I am having a mental road block. I have this fear of someone burning their ankle as they walk by the output.
  5. Electronic/Software: Best way to do ghosts in haunted house?

    Halloween Props
    We have a room in a community haunted barn and we are going with a Coraline theme. This is a very low-tech thing without a lot of funds, so I can't go too extravagant. I would like to have the ghost children from the movie projected onto a wall but I can't figure out the best way to do it...
  6. Saturday Nightmare Fever 2017

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Our theme this year is Saturday Nightmare Fever We do the invitations & our costumes in the theme. Also some reference in the house to the theme. We'll be moving next month & this is the main room - think roller skating !! tables around the outside! Of course our main staple of Shops will...
  7. Dollar Store Easy glowing skull (from EPBOT)

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Just saw this (LOVE her site, and for those not aware, EPOT is by the same lady that does CakeWrecks). http://www.epbot.com/2016/10/halloween-quick-craft-spooky-glowing.html Great step by step tutorial for a quick and easy (and CHEAP) prop. I could see making a dozen of these and lining a...
  8. Static: Grady Twins

    Halloween Props
    “Come play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever!!" Grady Twins finally done. I've wanted to do this for a while - finally found the various pieces. Now trying to decide if I should keep them as is or go with the "bloodied version" - bad thing is that once the blood is on there is no...
  9. Other: School Spook Alley

    Halloween Props
    So... I'm a big dummy. I've never made a haunt before and I volunteered to build a spook alley for the elementary school carnival. I think I'm in over my head and would love some help! We don't have a place for the spook alley yet. It will either be in the hallway, or maybe on the stage or an...
  10. Prop Showcase: Haunted Mansion Pop Up Ghost/ Hallway Ghoul!!!

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys! Well I'm back at it with Haunted Mansion props! Just completed and molded today one o the Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion! This ghoul was used in the Hallway pictures as well as the graveyard scene. Here is the sculpt and I can't wait to cast him!!
  11. Other: Drop panel help!

    Halloween Props
    We have 2 drop panels in a winding hallway that is 3' wide - it's a hallway of pictures in frames, and 2 of the pics drop down. They are close enough so that one will scare the front of a group, the second will scare the rear of the group. The panels are built and work great, but we've never...
  12. Mechanical: Hallway from 2014

    Halloween Props
    just wanted to share my hallway from last year: The cost of this hallway was under $100 (if you can get the wood pallets for free) check out the video the hallway moves. Thanks
  13. Shrinking Hallway - Forced Perspective

    Halloween Props
    Has anyone successfully done a shrinking hallway in the past? I am looking through different Internet searches and have fond very little instruction on how to make this illusion successful. A combination of physically shrinking the 16' hallway and adding a painted design will hopefully result in...
  14. Static: Hallway of Hands- I need a hand! (or several)

    Halloween Props
    Hi Everone, I saw this here on the forum a while back and on Pinterest. I think I want to attempt this as part of our CarnEvil room and the hallway leading into it. Has anyone done this before? How did you fasten the hands and where did you get that many? I know Dollar Tree has them but I was...
  15. spider\, insect hallway sounds needed help

    Halloween Music
    Hello all, Just did a search and found a thread from 2005 but the link is dead for the sound file. Does anyone have a sound effect that would work with our hallway full of spiders? We are looking for something that sounds like the hurry scurry little feet of insects that gives someone the...
  16. Other: How to make the endless hallway illusion

    Halloween Props
    I've got a 4'x16' hallway in our haunted house that I think would be a perfect place for this. Just not sure how to go about doing this.
  17. Other: Wood Hallway & Drop Window

    Halloween Props
    Part of our school haunt this year will consist of a 16' hallway that will include 1 or 2 drop windows, (haven't decided quite yet) along with a 2-way mirror as you enter. In the image below, you will enter on the bottom right of the image and walk toward the 2-way mirror, turn right and make...