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  1. Wanted to Buy
    looking for the zombie swing girl prop. if you have one you want to get rid of please contact me the zombie swing was sold at spirit halloween between the years of 2012 and 2014. the prop resembles a girl on a swing wearing a white dress and swing back and fourth while it sings and its eyes...
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    Me (Joe Allocco) as Leatherface at my Home Haunt-The Franklin Square Horror. NY Newsday was shooting photos of me for their Cover of their Part 2 Section of the Newspaper for Halloween.
  3. General Halloween
    I had a blast this Halloween and an even better time filming this video with my niece. She helps me build props throughout the Summer and shot some of the video footage of my haunt. Then she taught me how to use iMovie. So here is Hellbilly Holler 2020.
  4. For Sale/Trade By Individuals
    As we do every year at GraveFX we are selling off our whole Halloween set up. Everything is new for 2020. (2) 7ft tall pillars (20 x 20 base) (6) 5ft 6in pillars (20 x 20 base) (4) 5ft wide x 5ft tall fence sections (4) 5ft wide x 5ft 8in tall 3D top fence sections (6) 4ft tall tombstones (1)...
  5. Announcements / Press Releases
    Calling all Creepsters n' Groovy Ghoulies! Can you dig it? Grab the Monster Kids, and haul that hearse with a curse up Spook Hill, and get ready to spend the night at that mixed-up Doctor Shriek's Haunted Drive-in Halloween A Go-Go! We dare you to enter his theatre of doom for the ultimate old...
  6. Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    Hi Everyone, I painted a Pennywise-themed Halloween pumpkin. I am interested in your opinion. I made a tutorial video. Please check the link down below. Have fun!
  7. General Halloween
    Hello everyone, my name is Olaf. We have been working for months on our new Asylum DLC content for our Sinister Halloween game. The story of the game: As a journalist, you receive a secret email from the local asylum and a little girl is reported lost trick or treating. You decide to...
  8. Halloween Costume Ideas
    So i’m going to a halloween party this weekend and i’m going to cross dress for the party with a halloween creepy vibe. But the party is a bit away for me and i won’t be able to west this costume the whole evening its way to cold. So i want to switch to an easier costume a bit in the party and...
  9. For Sale By Merchants
    I'm A Terror, by ¡IT’S ALESSANDRO!
  10. Halloween Music
    It's Halloween Party time! In the tradition of the classic Monster Mash, Dr. Snik Presents a Halloween party song that crosses the Leslie Gore classic It's My Party, Too Sexy For My Car by Right Said Fred and Rob Zombie. It features Mitch Markowitz @IMTVSUPERHIPPY as Super Hippy from the 1970's...
  11. For Sale By Merchants
    Halloween themed premium t-shirts and gift items @ TolaFaye Shop | Redbubble Which of these apparels and designs will you dazzle in this season?
  12. General Halloween
    I wanted to share the final result of this year's yard display. We call it "Starlight Cemetery." It's been steadily growing, with a new project (or three) each year. This year I shifted themes slightly. To that end, I created the main sign for the haunt, the lighted crypts and did some overall...
  13. Announcements / Press Releases
    Hey All Thought would let you know that Adrenaline Shots Comics (us!) are doing our bit to ensure that Halloween is not cancelled in these strange times and will therefore soon be running one of the most unconventional live art classes ever! Are any of you interested in drawing horror comics...
  14. Halloween Music
    The Annual Monster Mashup Album is now released. Get it HERE!!! Featuring two new Monster Mashups by Stevo In Yr Stereo: Haunted House Horror (2020) Great Pumpkin Rock (2020)
  15. Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hi, I just wanted to share my friends Halloween inspired wedding with you guys! It was the most creative wedding I have ever been to and I am sure you as you love all things Halloween you will appreciate all of the little details :) Here is the link Let me know what you guys think of it, and...
  16. Haunted Humor
    I really like these guys. They are film makers who each year run a 31 days of Horror for Halloween here is the link. the best one is Day 3 so far!
  17. Halloween Music
    Catch THE BEST OF NIGHTMARE CITY HALLOWEEN throughout the month of October on SIYS Radio!!! 1-15 October - Nightmare City Halloween Shows Every Night!!! 16-30 October - Nightmare City Halloween Shows Every Day & Night!!! Go to http://siysradio.com/2020.html for this year's Halloween show to...
  18. General Halloween
    So I am trying to do some self-care and do something I love every weekend. Well that leads me to work on Halloween Projects with my kids. So every weekend we pick something to work on and do it to celebrate Halloween. ❤️🎃 Here is what we did today: Free Pallets with old left over paint! Hubby...
  19. Member Introduction
    Hello, my name is Rebecca! I am the founder of the Youtube Channel Spooky Spectacle where my best friend and I celebrate Halloween and all things spooky, scary all year long! Here is the link to our channel if your interested in supporting a fellow Halloweenie: Spooky Spectacle I am sooo...
  20. Halloween Props