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  1. Virtual Reality Halloween Kits (DVD, Projector & Screen Included) !!

    For Sale By Merchants
    The scariest easiest and fastest way to decorate for Halloween!! Check out the Virtual Reality Halloween Kits below: Click Here NOW -----> Halloween Virtual Reality Kits
  2. Virtual Reality Halloween Kits (DVD, Projector & Screen Included) !!

    Looking fir an easy and quick way to decorate for Halloween? How about a Virtual Reality Halloween Kit. The kit includes a HD Projector, Video Screen (to hang in window) and a Virtual Reality DVD of your choice. Check It out at the link below, great site! Halloween Virtual Reality Kits...
  3. Creepy Halloween Music and Video

    Halloween Music
    Hello! I have plenty of songs to share that could be Halloween worthy! I have been in many music projects in the past and now. Hexentanz, Psychonaut 75 and current projects are Delphine Coma and The Elysium Facade. Here is a Halloween video I did with music from The Elysium Facade - enjoy!