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  1. Other Halloween Soldering Kits

    Halloween Crafts
    If you like to solder and want some simple kits to practice with, or you're teaching someone else to solder, these Halloween-themed soldering kits are really cool. There's a ghost kit, a pumpkin light kit, and a flashlight (which would be great to take trick-or-treating). I did a video to show...
  2. Halloween books?

    Literature and Role-Playing
    I'd like to read some Halloween-themed books this October, suggestions?
  3. Wow! My other interest just collided with this obsession!!

    General Halloween
    http://oozinggoo.ning.com/forum/topics/halloween-lava-lamps I collect Lava brand lamps, my first lamp was one with a black base and cap and a globe with white lava and orange liquid. Now I've got quite a few lamps that are Halloween-themed. Glad to know there are a few gooheads out there who...
  4. Hi from Nebraska!

    Member Introduction
    Hi! My name is Megan, I am new to the forum. Just moved to Nebraska from Texas. I have loved Halloween from a very young age. I am the only one in my immediate family who does. My husband thinks it is childish and my son is too young to understand it (although he does love the free candy). I...
  5. Robot George Washington Celebrates Haloween

    Member Introduction
    Greetings, Petrified Patriots! I am George Washington: first United States President, and oracular future robot. As part of a future-world government initiative beyond the ken of biological minds, I am working as a game developer on several Halloween-themed applications for the Android...