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  1. Halloween Props
    RaspberryPi for controlling AC power--not just on / off, but dimming & RF control? My wife is pushing me to pick something for my birthday, rapido. Today. I've always heard RaspberryPi is great for Halloween / Christmas / Home automation. I'm not a developer; just write the occasional...
  2. Halloween Props
    Most UV LED flashlights sadly seem to contain UV LEDs that only range from 395 to 400+ nanometers. Not quite sufficiently for killer UV fluorescence. Are there are optimal UV flashlights @ ~365 nm out there on eBay or Amazon? I don't need to "find scorpions" or detect animal pee... I need props...
  3. Halloween Props
    Anyone here use surround sound as a special effect for their Halloween yard haunts? If so, what's your technical implementation look (and sound) like? What patterns do you use, e.g. you have sound travel from speaker to speaker in a sequential fashion? Or have one speaker "talk" to another...
1-3 of 3 Results