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  1. Halloween Music
    :cool::cool::cool:For October you can check out my album playlist with videos made from pubic domain horror movies/psychedelic clips for free on Youtube!:cool::cool::cool: Dr. Snik brings you 12 brand new original spooky songs w/videos for your Halloween/Horror needs! Classic 60's/70's horror...
  2. Halloween Music
    Hey guys! since it is Halloween Once again I thought I would come back and give you all a bunch of new free scary music downloads! Enjoy!!
  3. Announcements / Press Releases
    This Zombie song just was released and it's FREE this week only!!! It's normally a buck, and it's that price right now on iTunes, but it is FREE at this link. It's a :cool:great song to play at Halloween parties because it's mainly instrumental but loaded with tons of Zombie sound effects like...
  4. Halloween Music
    So there are only a few days left until Halloween. Halloween is only one day, but we celebrate it all month, and on this awesome forum- all year. Imagine 'Twelve Days of Halloween'. How cool would that be? I wrote at song about just that; called ''Twelve Days of Halloween'- yep, you...
  5. Halloween Music
    So you've heard 'Nightmare Before Christmas' by Tim Burton. I love that stuff. I also get the song 'This is Halloween' stuck in my head. I love it. Another artist by the name of 'Nooshi' has a new Halloween album that is worth checking out if you like 'Nightmare Before Christmas'...
  6. Halloween Music
    Are You a Halloweenie? You are a Halloweenie if you: 1. Turn off your porch light on October 31st so people think your not home. 2. Buy a pumpkin but don't carve it. 3. Don't buy any candy for the trick or treaters. 4. Avoid haunted houses and corn mazes 5. Get Scared of Halloween costumes...
1-6 of 12 Results