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  1. My HALLOWEEN Music Video

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    Hi Folks! I just wanted to post a link to the final cut of my new Halloween Music Video: The song is a very neat and catchy party tune, located in the latin freestyle and pop genre. It was a very hard work to get this done and I want to thank all the people who were involved. You may read...
  2. Zig Zag Zombie-Pop!

    Halloween Music
    Hello everyone! Just joined the forum and enjoying reading everything... discovering lots of new music :) My band (from London) Zig Zag Birds have just finished recording a Halloween music video. Wanted to share it with the biggest Halloween fans around - enjoy!! :D Let me know what you...
  3. 'Twelve Days of Halloween' Song Climbing the Charts!!!

    Halloween Music
    So there are only a few days left until Halloween. Halloween is only one day, but we celebrate it all month, and on this awesome forum- all year. Imagine 'Twelve Days of Halloween'. How cool would that be? I wrote at song about just that; called ''Twelve Days of Halloween'- yep, you...
  4. SKELETON PUMPKIN WITCH!!! (Addam's Family Song 1st Cousin)

    Halloween Music
    What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Thriller? Monster Mash? The Halloween Movies Theme? For many people, it would be the 'Addam's Family' Theme Song. What I like most about that show is that it used to play year round (it still does on cable television). That song is so...
  5. looking for halloween techno song

    Halloween Music
    It is the Halloween theme played throughout in a techno style, Elm street's Nancy says do you believe in the boogeyman, then in the middle she says wake up are you there, freddy answers I'm here then Vincent Price laughs in the thriller laugh and its remixed so it stutter laughs(like...