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  1. If you are planning on doing video projections, you'll want a tripod.

    Halloween Props
    I'd recommend anyone who is planning on a window/room projection seeing what you can find in your local resale shop starting now for a savings on these (instead of buying from ebay for example). With holiday video projections becoming really popular, tripods will get snapped up quickly. Just...
  2. Lighting: Test of Polaroid / Mitsubishi XD500U using Dminor's Rona Ghost Maid projection effect

    Halloween Props
    Here are a few test videos using my "new" (refurbished off eBay) ~2,200 lumens projector I got for less than $100 with free shipping, having less than 500 lamp hours. It's a model we were discussing over on another thread--a used Polaroid from Amazon. Although one is branded Polaroid and mine is...
  3. Halloween Haunt Projection DVD's New Releases

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    Greetings, We over at Kindred Moon Productions have just released 7 New Halloween projection DVDS for this haunt season. With Halloween around the corner you dont want to miss out on our Haunted projection Effects which will be a hit at your haunt or home! Check us out today...
  4. New Custom Haunt Media and Halloween Projection DVD's

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    We have a new series of Haunted House projection DVD's and can even customize for Haunted houses. We offer many video and media services and solutions for Pro and Yard Haunts please stop by and check us out and tell us what ya think and need...
  5. Pretty Cool Halloween Projection

    For Sale By Merchants
    I just purchased this animated projection and so far.. been having good comments from visitors. This is pretty cool animation that I projected on my picture window over the past weekend. It should be a good enhancement when I really start to get decorated in the next week. The beginning of...
  6. Lighting: Good video clips for Halloween projections from YouTube

    Halloween Props
    If you find any good ones, please post 'em. None of these are mine. Hoping to try some of these out with my Wonderwall projector. Forward aging only of Master Gracey from the Haunted Mansion: Forward and reverse aging of Master Gracey: Madame Leota video loop from the Haunted Mansion...