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  1. New: Halloween music and sound effects (some free!)

    Halloween Music
    Hi guys, I'm a very passionate sound designer working in the TV and film industry and I've always loved Halloween. After listening to a lot of the albums available, I realized that I could probably do much better. So earlier this year I spent several months making an album called Halloween...
  2. Halloween Cocktail Recipes!

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey all, I'm having a Halloween party this year, and I thought I'd share the special drinks I'm making for it. I wrote an article on eHow for anyone there who is also throwing a Halloween party, so I'll post the link below. I especially cannot wait to serve people "the Bloody Brain," my...
  3. Halloween Gifts!!

    For Sale By Merchants
    We have a special Halloween soap available. Enjoy our natural handmade soap and shampoo bar. Made the old fashioned way using a cold process and natural vegetable oils for a superior wash! Limited Supply Available! Made with: coconut oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, soybean lecithin and...