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  1. Talking Spirit Board Taken Over By The Spirit Of Halloween. The Era Of Ouija Is Over.

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    Reports of talking, spirit boards spelling out GAME OVER have been surfacing since October of 2011, but a search on the Internet has confirmed Halloweeja has indeed been packaged and put up for sale. A magical place called The Game Crafter uses its wizardry to create copies on demand. One...
  2. Easy Halloween DIY

    Dollar Store Tray "How To" Here.... http://www.craftyincrosby.com/2012/10/spooky-potion-bottles-and-dollar-store.html
  3. DIY Food Stands for Serving

    VERY neat idea..DIY Glass food stands-you could fill these with all kinds of fun stuff! :) Glass Food Stands SUPPLIES & TOOLS: • Three 10” square glass plates • One 6” glass cube container • One 4½” glass cube container • Four 3” glass cube containers • 2 pkgs assorted moss/lichen • 2 pkgs...
  4. My Halloween party ideas for grown ups (yah know, for the lame early to bed crowd..)

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    I recently wrote an article about my Halloween party ideas- I LOVED to go ALL OUT in my teens and twenties. But as I got into my 30's, I wanted to have fun, but didn't want to have a HUGE hangover, or not even be able to get out of bed the day after (yeah, uh, that's how I rolled back in the...
  5. Halloween Party Ideas

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    i want to arrange a small party on upcoming Halloween.i do not know from where i have to start so i want a different party ideas from you guys to celebrate it. Send me your suggestion regarding that. I heard ans see some peoples are using flowers for that. but other than flowers if you have...
  6. Halloween Sweet 16 Party Ideas?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I'm having a sweet 16 and I need help with ideas for just about everything! I had read something on her before about a woman who had used some kind of paint on balck tablecloth under blacklights to create a nightclub theme but I havent been able to find the article! If you know anything about...
  7. Need ideas for 1980s themed party

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    We are hosting an adult only party this year for Halloween and it will be a 1980s themed party. We normally dress up mannequins with some scary icons, and for this year in the spirit of the 1980s they will be in the form of Pinhead, Michael Myers, and Pennywise. We also are getting some...