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  1. It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Halloween...

    General Halloween
    While making the rounds for Christmas stuff I came across several Halloween Items. The first is a Halloween themed monopoly game, I don’t recall ever seeing this version before. I also found several packs of Bicycle brand zombie playing cards and a 3-disc Halloween music CD on clearance. Nothing...
  2. Come Little Children

    Halloween Music
    Cover of Come Little Children from Hocus Pocus on ukulele!
  3. Dr. Snik's Halloween Chills: CHill Out! WATCH VIDEOS FREE!

    Halloween Music
    :cool::cool::cool:For October you can check out my album playlist with videos made from pubic domain horror movies/psychedelic clips for free on Youtube!:cool::cool::cool: Dr. Snik brings you 12 brand new original spooky songs w/videos for your Halloween/Horror needs! Classic 60's/70's horror...
  4. Halloween Haunts & Terror Tales Volume I

    For Sale By Merchants
    :cool::cool::cool:TERROR FROM TORONTO TO TUSCON:cool::cool::cool: https://jcgreening.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-haunts-terror-tales-volume-i-trick-r-treating-for-children Do you remember those old 80's Halloween cassette tapes that you used to put into your home stereo and crank up through...
  5. Dr. Snik's Halloween Chills: Chill Out!

    Halloween Music
    Dr. Snik brings you 12 original spooky songs w/videos for your Halloween/Horror needs! Classic 60's/70's horror movies and psychedelic clips add a creepy visual to add to any Halloween/Horror party. Check out some samples...
  6. Taking song requests for the Halloween Listening Party now! 🎃

    Halloween Music
    Hi Halloweeners, The Halloween Listening Party is back again this year, playing all of your spooky favourites. This is our fourth year runnning - we are a 24/7 pop-up station, playing horror soundtracks, synthwave, horror rock and dark disco! On Halloween night, we will also have a special...
  7. Free Old Time Halloween Songs

    Halloween Music
    Check out 78rpm Records Digitized by George Blood, L.P. For some old time halloween-related songs. I haven't searched through it all, but it looks promising. :) Try using keywords like "ghost"
  8. Season of the Witch by Nox Arcana

    Halloween Music
    Nox Arcana is releasing a new album ‘Season of the Witch’ this October just in time for Halloween. If you don’t know who Nox Arcana is then you not a real haunter. For those who don’t know they are a duo (sometimes teaming up with additional creative minds) of musician / song writers who craft...
  9. My Debut Album • World of Fright

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, hope you all have been doing well and keeping yourselves in the Halloween spirit! I'm happy to finally announce the release of my first album that's made up of some songs that I have posted here before as well as some new tracks. For now, the...
  10. Midnight Syndicate Live! at Cedar Point HalloWeekends 2017

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hello, Just wanted to share this announcement. We, Midnight Syndicate, will be performing live again at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends again this year. 2017 marks our 20th year of creating Halloween music for the Halloween, haunted attraction, and amusement park industries and we can't think of...
  11. Royalty free halloween music for youtube etc.

    Halloween Music
    https://samhaynes1.bandcamp.com/album/halloween-music-royalty-free-for-youtube-videos FREE DOWNLOAD - Royalty free halloween music for youtube videos. An EP of music that you can use on your halloween / horror projects completely free / name your price. Grab your copy now - there are a...
  12. Looking for music similar to...

    Halloween Music
    Hi;) I'm creating a new list of halloween music. So please help me to find a music similar to: Marilyn Manson This is halloween Rob zombie - Michael Fantomas - Rosemary's baby Team sleep - Kool aid party Korn - Kidnap the sandy claws The Ring Soundtrack 'The Well' Skyrider - Baby Blus Song I...
  13. My new Halloween release - "In Musicka" by The Night Keep

    Halloween Music
    Hello. I know I've been quiet for a while. Things have been busy. I just thought I would share links to my newest horror album. I started a new production name for my horror stuff, hence the name The Night Keep. The album is titled, "In Musicka" - A Gothic Horror Symphony It's Baroque...
  14. Looking To Create A Halloween Compilation, Who's Interested ?

    Halloween Music
    Mystary Records Is Looking To Produce A Halloween Compilation With The Best Horror Musicians Around The Halloween Forum & World Which Will Be Released Under Mystary Records & Promoted To Thousands Of Creatures Out There If You Are Interested Please Email Us Your Music & Links At...
  15. Halloween Electro House EDM

    Halloween Music
    Enjoy 30 minutes of non-stop Halloween themed electro house dance music for your party this year!
  16. Midnight Syndicate Live! concert Kickstarter campaign started

    Halloween Music
    Hello, First off I hope your Halloween plans are coming together nicely. Also wanted to thank everyone for the cool feedback on "Monsters of Legend" we've been really happy with the response! I have some big news in the Midnight Syndicate world. We've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to...
  17. Cool new Halloween song. Check it out!

    Halloween Music
    Besides my love of Halloween i'm a big music geek. While searching itunes this morning for new ear candy i came across this on the new releases page. Kinda reminds me of coldplay mixed with pink floyd. The bands called "The Maine" and the track is "Forever Halloween". From their album, Forever...
  18. New Halloween Album by Jon Autopsy

    Halloween Music
    Jon Autopsy just released a new Halloween album. He does music for a bunch of attractions, and I think his stuff is really solid. It's a combination of atmospheric with some techno thrown in (my music vocabulary is limited, so that's just my take). I think his music is only on Itunes (please...
  19. New Midnight Syndicate CD this June - Classic Horror, Universal Monsters, Hammer Film

    Halloween Music
    Hello, Just wanted to post to the boards and let you know that Midnight Syndicate Halloween Soundtracks will be releasing a new CD called "Monsters of Legend" this summer. The theme of the new disc is a tribute to the classic Universal Monster movies and the great Hammer Films that followed...
  20. Free song about Zombies

    Halloween Music
    Everyone has their own theories of how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Our advice is simple - Run...For...Your...Life! free to download - http://beartownzodiac.bandcamp.com/ Run For Your Life by Beartown Zodiac