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  1. Static: Halloween Tree Part 2

    Halloween Props
    http://youtu.be/xsD830xvDGk This video is part 2 in "The Halloween Tree" it shows me making the Green Man face with a hot glue gun.
  2. How to shoot a funny halloween video?

    General Halloween
    I open this topic because i need help to shoot a cramp for tomorrow. How many cameras i need, lights, sounds, and actors? do you think is it difficult? Thanks for your help video example i like:
  3. How to throw a Halloween Party for 60 to 80 bucks?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey, guys, 20 days to go! I'm eager for this special day of the year, and wanna have a spooky party with my friends. Unfortunately, I took a vacation in Thailand last month and now feel the pinch.:(However I wouldn’t like to let my friends down. Definitely I have to reuse some decorations which...
  4. Halloween's Home

    Hey - I just found some cool tutorials and recipes over at Lowe's. lowescreativeideas.com/Halloween The Popcorn balls look particularly delicious! Not too bad for a home improvement store.
  5. Halloween stories wanted for cash

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi everyone. My names Sean and I work for a press agency called Cash For My Story. I'm looking for unusual Halloween stories for magazines in the U.K. Do you have an unusual life style ? What do you do on Halloween ? If you are interested please contact me direct at [email protected] or visit...
  6. Introducing myself - Hallowscream_devon

    Member Introduction
    Hi Everybody - Just introducing myself here. I work for Hallowscream which is a major Halloween event held in Exeter. This is only our second year of running the event and we are hoping that we have a good time once again. We have come across some great people in our planning this year...