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  1. It Made us Laugh

    General Halloween
    We have a little website that shows off some of the stuff we've made over the years. However, it's just now coming online after about a year of playing around with it. It's a New Year's resolution of sorts to get it up and running, even if it's not finished. Part of doing that is to make a...
  2. Shallow Grave Cemetery - Twenty Fourteen

    General Halloween
    Just taking time to post some pictures of prior yard haunts as The Season of Shadows (shout out to John Wolfe – RIP) approaches. These are a few photos of my 2014 display. It was pretty basic as I had to scale back this year due to massive thundershowers on October 30 + 31 in which numerous...
  3. Test If You Are A Zombie (humor)

    Haunted Humor
    Test If You Are A Zombie You must Read these sentences out loud: This is This green zombie This is is a green zombie This is how to kill a green zombie This is to become a green zombie This is keep a green zombie This is an green zombie This is idiot green zombie This is busy way to...
  4. Prop Showcase: Security Camera Footage From Halloween

    Halloween Props
    OK I miss Halloween already! Had to post the videos from our Security Cameras at the house from this Halloween....didn't even think of them until I had friends over during Halloween and they were all laughing from inside the house when I came in to see what was so funny they were all standing in...
  5. Loves Halloween, Forum Newbie

    Member Introduction
    Hi to all, Just want to say hi to everyone here at Halloween forum. Been reading the through the site for a couple of years. As Halloween is my holiday. But never join up due to much on my plate. But now things have change in my life and have more time to working on writing my Halloween jokes...
  6. Halloween Jokes for Kids

    Haunted Humor
    Every part of Halloween is awesome! While browsing for some new cool Halloween stuff this year, I came across this 'Halloween Jokes for Kids' ebook. It's got some great Halloween Humor in it and has lots of illustrations. I've got two young kids who love these jokes. I thought I'd share some...