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halloween 2017

  1. Prop Showcase: Kindo's 2017 Haunt

    Halloween Props
    Well it's all over and the post Halloween depression has hit. lol! :D Was a pretty good year. Had a lot of fun. didn't get as many kids as i was hopping since it wasn't raining this year. got more people last year and it was storming. O well, it did leave an impact on the ones that did show up...
  2. Corner of Carnage 2017 pictures

    General Halloween
    Happy belated Halloween all, Although this year had a couple fails I still felt it was a success. The photos below were taken today in the "aftermath" phase. The camp site, fail #1 Jumping Werewolf behind the tent ripped itself apart about 15 walkthroughs in Crazy Ralph Spider...
  3. FREE until october 31 - Full album of Copyright free Creepy Ambient Halloween music

    Halloween Music
    MWA AH AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! FOOLISH MORTALS..... We are giving away a FREE album of Royalty Free Copyright Free Halloween Haunt soundtrack music. We love Halloween so much we are giving this away.... there are 1000 free downloads available until HALLOWEEN 2017. The aim of this collection was to...
  4. Halloween Safety Tips for Children

    General Halloween
    1: Walk safely by looking left and right when crossing the road DO NOT use your Smart Phones and other electronic devices while crossing the road. 2: Make Eye contact with the drivers while crossing the road with busy traffic and also teach your children to do that. 3: Always use traffic...
  5. Taking song requests for the Halloween Listening Party now! šŸŽƒ

    Halloween Music
    Hi Halloweeners, The Halloween Listening Party is back again this year, playing all of your spooky favourites. This is our fourth year runnning - we are a 24/7 pop-up station, playing horror soundtracks, synthwave, horror rock and dark disco! On Halloween night, we will also have a special...
  6. Halloween lights with remote control,16 colors 50% off + free shipping

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    Product:LTE 10W Waterproof LED Flood Light, 16 Different Colors, 4 Lighting Modes,IP66 Waterproof, US 3-Plug and Remote Controller, RGB Halloween Lights Code code:AI94Z3GZ (until 8/15/2017) Get more 50% off with sale price to get it with only $7:mad::mad: Just search it at Amazon since i can't...
  7. Selling Brand New Spirit Halloween Animatronics & More!

    For Sale By Merchants
    Hey everyone! I have some brand new animatronics to sell for some great prices. Here is what I currently have for sale: Animated Pop-Up Zombie with Tombstone - $99 Animated Jumping Dog - $84 Animated Skeleton Bride - $69 Animated Skeleton Rock Star - $29 Animated Haunted Television - $99...
  8. Prop Showcase: What are your thoughts on the new Gemmy floating ghost?

    Halloween Props
    I'm excited to see a new floating ghost coming out. If you've seen my earlier posts, you'd know that I'm a total maniac for them. If you haven't seen it, watch this video: https://sites.google.com/site/gemmyhalloweenprops/table-top-props/2017/animated-floating-ghost---skeleton