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  1. Hello To All

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    Hi, This is Vandana. I joined this forum because I just love everything about Halloween. I keep searching for interesting information related to Halloween. I am sure I get to know more about Halloween in this forum. :)
  2. Magic Mirror 2016, annual yard display.

    General Halloween
    Hello All! Sorry that I am posting this late, but I have been busy the past week. Vlen the Magic Mirror returns after a two year hiatus. Last year (2015) for Halloween I did the 'Scare Zone' as something quick and easy to put together, because I was still dealing with the reality of my mom...
  3. The End Is Near! Nov. 6 Is The Last Day To Get Onboard Halloweeja's "Crowd Sale"

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    The End Is Near! Nov. 6 Is The Last Day To Get Onboard Halloweeja's "Crowd Sale" Need a gift for that unique person in your life? Was Halloween spirit lacking in you life this year? Just want to treat yourself? Maybe Halloweeja is the answer to have a new Halloween experience. Halloweeja the...
  4. Prop Showcase: Cauldron Creep still working after 4 years!!!

    Halloween Props
    Took it out from storage- the only problem was an arm was hanging off - fixed with some fishing line! 4 years old!!
  5. What did you get done today?

    General Halloween
    I have always enjoyed seeing what everyone does on here so what better way than to post what you get done from day to day. Please post what you've got done today or last few days. This weekend I tested the police strobe light controller and strobe lights that I'll be using for the biohazard...
  6. My Halloween 2016 album releases - 2 CD set

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    Hi You may be familiar with my music - my new 2 CD set for Halloween 2016 is out now on Bandcamp. CD1 is a full CD of new Haunt soundtracks, CD2 is a collection of royalty free Horror themes you can do what you like with You can stream both CD's now on our site - please have a listen and let...
  7. Monster Cereals are Alive for 2016!

  8. Halloween is Love Blog

    http://halloweenislove.blogspot.com/ New Halloween Blog I found, Check it out.
  9. Halfway to Halloween! 10 Ways to Celebrate the Unofficial Holiday

    General Halloween
    It's almost Halfway to Halloween, so we collected 10 ways to kick off the season and celebrate! For the full article with pictures and links, visit "Halfway to Halloween: 10 Ways to Celebrate the Unofficial Holiday" on Mr. and Mrs. Halloween. The air is warm and breezy. Everyone’s pulling out...
  10. UK & Europe wide - Secret Reaper 2016! Sign up & discussions

    General Halloween
    Hi Everyone! We all had so much fun last year with Secret Reaper in the UK - even though we organised it quite late :) So this year we should start early! Please see below for rules: Sign-up round 1: 12th Feb - 12th March 2016. 1. The value of the gift must be £10/€13 (give or take a...
  11. Hello from Cardiff, Wales - UK!

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    Hi All! I'm Becky :D Looking for some Halloween Inspiration for this year & next year :)