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  1. Prop Showcase: KludgeGuru 2014 Skeleton Quartet

    Halloween Props
    I built these 3-Axis skulls in 2009 and put them on pillars as I couldn't afford the full Skeletons at the time. Here is the original post (the server that hosted the images is no longer up but the links to the YouTube videos are still there)...
  2. Prop Showcase: Security Camera Footage From Halloween

    Halloween Props
    OK I miss Halloween already! Had to post the videos from our Security Cameras at the house from this Halloween....didn't even think of them until I had friends over during Halloween and they were all laughing from inside the house when I came in to see what was so funny they were all standing in...
  3. Desoto Asylum 2014

    General Halloween
    We do a haunted house & Food drive, Here are some pictures and a walk-through video... Updated With Scare Video...
  4. Prop Showcase: Singing skull and pumpkins

    Halloween Props
    Here's the talking skull and pumpkins that I made! We hardly had any ToTs at all though, so I feel like I wasted a whole month making and programming these and nobody really saw them :( It was snowing and raining, and around 30 F all night so that is probably why there were hardly any...
  5. Static: 2014 Halloween Party Setup Pictures and Videos

    Halloween Props
    First, admins, if this is a duplicate thread please feel free to combine it.I was looking to start a thread where everybody could post pics and videos of there haunts and parties. :D I thought I would post a PRE-PARTY video of my setup. Its a Medieval Apothecary/torture type idea I had. I am...
  6. My HALLOWEEN Music Video

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Hi Folks! I just wanted to post a link to the final cut of my new Halloween Music Video: The song is a very neat and catchy party tune, located in the latin freestyle and pop genre. It was a very hard work to get this done and I want to thank all the people who were involved. You may read...
  7. New HALLOWEEN Song2014 and funny Music Video

    General Halloween
    Hi Folks! This year I've produced a very new song especially made for Halloween. It's called... HALLOWEEN and belongs to the Latin Freestyle and Pop genre. The melody is nice and catchy, so the tune will probably stay in your ears after you heard it a couple of times. A track for your...
  8. How I made my Grim Reaper.

    Tutorials and Step-By-Step
    How I made my Grim Reaper.(with photos) This will probably be a really long one. ^.^ I did a lot of steps and took pictures just encase someone wanted to know how I made it. Guess it was fruitful in my thinking after all. This is the end result so you can see what your working towards. ^.~...
  9. 13 Nights of Elvira coming to hulu

    Horror Discussion
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2014/10/elvira-queen-of-halloween-comes-to-hulu.html I just blogged about this Elvira is bringing her horror host show to hulu for Halloween
  10. Static: New family in town...The Corpse Family

    Halloween Props
    I have finished building my Corpse Family for my display this year. I'm pretty happy with the way they came out, I might add some color to the corpse kid. I had to cover them up with a sheet once they were done, they were scaring us a bit just standing there staring at us!
  11. Grimmthorpe Asylum

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    So I finally get to have my very first Halloween party ever, and I'm beyond excited! It's always been apartments, S/O's who didn't care for Halloween, or life in the way before...last year on October 31st, I closed on my first home in Centennial CO...and one year later it's my Halloween...
  12. Prop Showcase: Halloween props for 2014 (store bought)

    Halloween Props
    Hey guys, Here's a list of 5 great animated Halloween props that are available from stores this year: http://halloweenerrific.co.uk/halloween-props/5-great-animated-props-for-halloween-2014 See what you think and more importantly, suggest any other cool props that you've seen! :D
  13. Horror Hoodies just in time for Halloween

    Announcements / Press Releases
    http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/2014/08/horror-hoodies.html Horror Hoodie line features Iconic hero characters Jason, Freddy, Pennywise, Beetlejuice, and King of Monsters Godzilla
  14. Monster Cereals are back for Halloween

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Franken Berry have new box designs http://2coolghouls.blogspot.com/
  15. Hello from a new startup business in Tampa Night Heron Productions, LLC

    Member Introduction
    We are hoping to create a niche in the haunted themed attractions industry and opening with a new haunted house in Tampa Bay Area in 2014. We are looking for props and haunted house items of all kinds. We will also be looking for talented help in all areas of our business for when we open this...
  16. Halfway to Halloween is almost here! Why not throw a costume party?

    For Sale By Merchants
    The title says it all! If you're anything like us at HalloweenCostumes.com, you look for any reason to throw a costume party, so why not throw a Halfway to Halloween costume party with your friends and family. And if you're in need of a new costume we have you covered. HalloweenCostumes.com...
  17. Midnight Syndicate LIVE at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends 2014!

    Halloween Music
    Hello all, I'm really excited to share that (after seventeen years!) Midnight Syndicate will be performing live at Cedar Point's HalloWeekends this fall. We've teamed up with some great people to design a really cool multimedia concert experience. We'll be there every night to meet and...
  18. Vote for Halloween 2014 Props you think we should carry!

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    Click to vote individually or comment down below Plus! Save 15% on Bestselling Halloween Props with code #TRENDYPROPS Visit Trendy Halloween HERE to view selection.
  19. Video Contest! Win a fog machine, 15 gallons of fog or another prize.

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    Make a Video, Win a Prize! Halloween FX Video Contest. Make any type of video using one of our props, our logo, or speak about Halloween FX in the video. You can enter as often as you like. Videos should be at least 15 seconds, and should not exceed 5 minutes. Be creative! Funny, scary...