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  1. Halloween 2011

    Another successful Halloween! We had a blast yesterday and had tons of fun. Met some of my neighbors and made new friends! Lots to clean up still but totally worth it. Very pleased with my Jack o Lantern this year. Here are some pics: And a video of the haunt:
  2. How to shoot a funny halloween video?

    General Halloween
    I open this topic because i need help to shoot a cramp for tomorrow. How many cameras i need, lights, sounds, and actors? do you think is it difficult? Thanks for your help video example i like:
  3. Halloween sales up from last year to $6.86 billion for 2011

    General Halloween
    http://smallbizdaily.com/2011/10/11/consumers-plan-record-2011-halloween-spending/ Consumers Plan Record 2011 Halloween Spending According to the annual National Retail Federation Halloween spending survey, some 161 million people will celebrate Halloween – the biggest number in the 10 years...
  4. How to throw a Halloween Party for 60 to 80 bucks?

    Party Ideas. Experiences and Recipes
    Hey, guys, 20 days to go! I'm eager for this special day of the year, and wanna have a spooky party with my friends. Unfortunately, I took a vacation in Thailand last month and now feel the pinch.:(However I wouldn’t like to let my friends down. Definitely I have to reuse some decorations which...
  5. 'Ghostbusters' Returning To Theaters This Halloween

    Horror Discussion
    http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/BootsandCapes/news/?a=46321 CLASSIC. Ghostbusters is headed back into the big screen and NO I'am bot talking about the proposed third part...You know the one that has been floating around on shelves!? It has been announced today that the original Ghostbusters...
  6. Official Halloween 2011 @ Target - With Pictures

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    Official Halloween 2011 @ Target - With Pictures ~ UPDATE page 4 + 5!! I just came back from my local Target, and I saw some merchandise being set up in the Dollar Spot ( located at the front by the check-lanes ) Glowsticks, trick-or-treat favors and some Pumpkin Can Coozies ( foam can covers...
  7. Like I have time for one more social media.

    But this is for Halloween. Not sure how much I'll be around here but I'm on twitter at @TheNextMartha and I have a personal blog that is currently being taken over by Halloween at themarthaproject.com. I have to fix the mausoleum and gate this year. We had a wicked wind storm last year and...
  8. Yikes!!! Only 3 months left until Halloween!....

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    I can't believe how this year has past so very fast... Its as if I blinked and here we are again! Well my veins are starting to bulge and my hands are starting to get that cordless tool trigger finger itch!... :D Looks like it is time to step things up a notch! Are you ready HF members? I have...