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  1. General Halloween
    Ok I know I'm lazy but I finally got my 2010 Haunt pictures posted. This year we added Freddy, some new tombstones and some creepy candles. Here's a few teasers - check out the rest of the haunt in my album Wolfmoon 2010 Haunt or check it out at our blog Wolfmoon Cemetery...
  2. Halloween Props
    Here is the link to my setup for halloween 2010 and Veterans Day reuse props The green Zombie was a hit with the little TOT .My son made him his frist props Had problems with camera Sorry halloween 2010 Veterans Day 2010
  3. Halloween Costume Ideas
    We were pretty lucky with the weather last night. Rain was predicted all week so I decided this year to "stage" most of my props in the garage. I curtained off the front halves and set up my "witches lair" and "Mortuary" vignettes. This worked ideal as people could come up close and take in...
  4. Halloween Props
    Hi, I have a limited budget for my Halloween display. I was looking at www.kentuckyspecialfx.com . I was wondering if anyone has dealt with these guys before. They seem very reasonable with their prices, and the owner Mike has personally taken the time to speak to me a couple of times. They...
  5. Member Introduction
    Greetings one and all! :eek: I am the Mighty Jobu, one time curator of “The Haunted Vineyard” haunted house in Ontario, California and avid haunt enthusiast! Alas, The Vineyard has faded into the annals of History; however, the spirit of the Vineyard yet lives on...
  6. General Halloween
    I've just found out that Martha Stewart will be putting out another Halloween issue called "The Best of Martha Stewart: Halloween Handbook" for this fall. It claims to have more than a 150 ideas in it, but it being 'the best of' I'm assuming it's entirely projects from the past. Not sure if I'll...
  7. General Halloween
    Here is a sneak-peek @ Target's Halloween set-up for 2010 ^_^ More pics on the way very soon!!
  8. Blog
    Hello people, So far there are only a couple of shops that I've found Halloween stock at for the season. Getta Bargain and now Spotlight. Spotlight currently have a page on the back of their catalogue advertising discount costumes and accessories and have the slogan "Halloween is Coming"...
  9. General Halloween
    What's going on for Halloween 2010? I'm thinking about throwing a "fancy" victorian masquerade complete with some fog and creepy old cemetery! And a witch stirring a boiling cauldron... :D What about ya'll? :)
  10. For Sale By Merchants
    Grave Digger Clem Perfect for your graveyard! - Check out this great new prop on our site: http://bit.ly/Grave-digger-clem
  11. Blog
    We are very excited that the 2010 Halloween Season is almost here. We will be making some special posts to our Halloween Forum blog soon.
1-12 of 13 Results