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  1. Ghosts In The Machine? Re-Introducing Myself

    Member Introduction
    I was here as Scavenger Eye Studios before. I lost my login information and was using the Facebook connect feature. The Facebook thing is so buggered at the moment for me, I think only an exorcist could fix it. I tried contacting, via email and Facebook, the forum. But I know it's run by a...
  2. Talking Spirit Board Taken Over By The Spirit Of Halloween. The Era Of Ouija Is Over.

    Announcements / Press Releases
    Reports of talking, spirit boards spelling out GAME OVER have been surfacing since October of 2011, but a search on the Internet has confirmed Halloweeja has indeed been packaged and put up for sale. A magical place called The Game Crafter uses its wizardry to create copies on demand. One...
  3. H-E-L-L-O Do you wanna play a game?

    Member Introduction
    Hi. I've known of Halloween Forum for years, just never felt I had anything interesting to contribute. But that's changed of late, and I'm hoping I can pay it forward from all the great ideas and info on builds I've gotten from here over the years. I am excited to share with all of you my...